Your Phone is always Alive with a Mobile Power Bank


Mobile Power banks are devices that provide charge to your smart phones, iPad, iPod, tablets and MP3 players in the absence of the traditional charging process for these devices.  Very limited number of power banks can charge the laptops because the commonly available power banks have 5V output whereas for charging laptops the required volts is in the range of 16- 20 Volts. For charging a power bank of capacity 20000mHA one needs to connect it to a wall socket. For charging a phone with a battery of 5 volts, the power bank requires to have a charging output of more than 5V.

If budget is an issue then select from the list of best power bank under 1000. Power bank prices start from as low Rs. 200 rising steadily upwards. The power bank 30000mAH price is much higher for the simple reason that the capacity of this power bank is very high. The more the capacity the more expensive the model is. The better the brand higher are the prices.

There are some good options when choosing a mobile power bank. To buy the best power banks in India get onto one of the online e-commerce sites. If this model suits your requirement go ahead. Else its best to analyze first few other models of mobile power bank and then select the one that seems promising to you. Remember it’s a relative decision because it will all depend on the number of devices that you need to charge and the price that you can afford.

Choosing a power bank model is not that easy.  The power bank price of course is one of the determinants. But the major one is the capacity of the power bank and the number of devices that it needs to work upon. When you shop online there are few power bank offers also that are attractive and can makes things easier for your pocket.

On the technical front, one important point to remember is that while your smart phone is connected to the mobile power bank put it on the flight mode so as to conserve charges and energy. This is because when connected to power the smart phones and tablets generally get into the update mode and start downloading updates which will consume more charge than ordinarily required to charge the phone.

Another important consideration is that the lithium ion and polymer batteries that are used in power banks and smart phones keep on losing their capacity with passage of time. We all have experienced the slow-down in charging of batteries of our phones after a certain number of years of operation. The thumb rule is that bigger the capacities of the power bank the longer the duration it will last for.

Both the points discussed above need to be remembered when picking the right charging device for your phone and tablets. One should not just concentrate on the power bank price when buying a power bank because technology commands a price and one has to pay the monetary value to take benefit of the same.