The Safety Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes


If you are a regular smoker, you may have considered the effect it has on your health. Everyone knows the side effects of cigarette smoke, it causes all sorts of diseases from cancer to heart problems. But, have you ever considered some of the other problems you face being a smoker? This article will discuss the hazards of traditional cigarettes and why you should think about switching to e cigs.


There have been some stories in the media about people who have had their vaping devices explode and catch fire. Most of these are just exaggerated tales which never really happened, some are just sensationalised stories made by journalists trying to make money off the back of the vaping industry.

It is important to remember that vaping devices like e cigarettes don’t just randomly explode. They are far safer than traditional cigarettes, which use a naked flame, e cigs operate off several safe devices. They don’t need to be lit using a match or lighter, the battery attached to the unit is the same type of lithium battery that is used to power your smartphone. If you properly maintain your equipment and buy off reputable vendors, you’ll have no issues with your e cigarette. So, if you plan on buying an e cigarette in Australia, remember to purchase your items from an industry recognised supplier, that way you’ll avoid any future problems.

The Dangers of Using Cigarettes

Embers > Many people don’t realise just how easy it is to start a fire, it only takes a few hot embers to touch flammable material and bang, everything could go up in smoke. This risk factor doesn’t exist when you use an electronic cigarette, there is no ember because there is no tobacco being burnt. E cigarette users inhale and exhale a vapor, which is produced when the battery heats up an atomiser which then turns the e liquid into vapor. This is what makes them a lot safer that using traditional cigarettes. When using an e cigarette outside, there is no chance of embers touching off dry grass or rubbish, but when smoking outdoors you must be vigilant when disposing of cigarettes, if you throw an active smoke butt into a dry bush, you could cause a massive fire.

Falling Asleep While Smoking > A lot of household fires occur when an individual falls asleep while smoking, the consequences can be disastrous. If you’ve had a few drinks or you’re just exhausted from work, sometimes you may forget you’re holding a cigarette in your hand and nod off. The moment the cigarette touches your sofa, carpet or bed linen, it could be lights out.

Electronic cigarettes are a much safer option for a wide variety of reasons, there is no ember with e cigs, they work off a lithium battery, the same type of battery that is used in most modern electronic devices. If you fall asleep while vaping, your unit won’t be active and there is nothing there to start a fire if it comes in contact with flammable material.