Protect your online privacy with VPN

For many internet users across the globe, online privacy has become such a precious commodity. A lot has changed: many authorities and agencies have been set up to implement censorship schemes.

There is too much eavesdropping in the interest of everything else apart from an internet user’s privacy. But there are still ways to beat this mass surveillance. In this post, we discuss how to protect your online privacy with a VPN.

How do your online activities expose your privacy?

There are several tools used to collect your user data whenever you are navigating the web. Some of these happen without your knowledge while others request for access permission. You have probably seen websites notify you of their use of cookies. Cookies collect data based on your browsing history, and for what they describe as ‘to serve you better’.

Another surveillance authority that monitors your internet activities is the internet service provider. Believe it or not, all internet-providing companies can see the websites you have visited and the amount of time spent on each. Well, they may not see your exact activities, but they will see your favourite websites, searches and so on.

Assistant bots such as Google assistant also keep a record of your browsing history. You can, however, opt-out of this feature.

Government agencies also keep tabs on your online activities. This they say; is a prerequisite for their security enforcement programs and helps them track down wanted criminals. The catch with this surveillance is that it is not limited to the ‘persons of interest’. There’s a network of spies prying on your internet activities at any given time.

Malicious programs are also notorious for accessing an internet user’s data without permission. This happens when you unknowingly download adware, spyware, keyloggers and other unwanted programs into your internet device.

Why the increase in mass surveillance?

As already mentioned, the perpetrators of online surveillance say that their techniques are aimed at serving you better. The government agencies fa├žade it as a crime combating strategy. Internet service providers do this to collect data and later sell it to advertising companies who then use this information to serve you with ads that match your online searches and browsing habits.

Using a VPN for online privacy

Using a virtual private network is a reliable way of using the internet without leaving any footprints or trail behind. These tools are a one-stop for privacy, security and anonymity.

How do VPNs work?

Here is a simple breakdown that will help you see the essence and the reasons why you should install VPN and select IP address from Pakistan. You are probably wondering how a VPN protects your privacy.

Virtual private networks use multilayered encryption techniques to create a secure tunnel between you, their servers and the intended recipient. These encryption technologies include Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, secure sockets layer commonly known as SSL, IP security and transport layer security.

With this type of encryption, no prying eyes can see your internet activities. This secure and invincible tunnel enables you to use the web anonymously.

Another benefit of connecting to the internet through a VPN is that you can use P2P file-sharing services, a convenient service that many internet service providers frown on.

The anonymity feature also allows for virtual relocations which are ideal for streaming content from leading sites like Netflix and Hulu. This helps you beat content filtering based on geographical restrictions.

A VPN also protects you from malicious criminals who are out to spread attacks on unsecured networks. Note that many malware and data harvesting attacks are launched on shared networks. The data encryption technology makes it impossible for an attacker to infiltrate your privacy even when you are using public Wi-Fi.

VPN services

The need to protect online privacy is the primary reason why many people seek VPN services. You can choose to use a free or paid service. We, however, wouldn’t recommend free VPNs and there are reasons for this.  Many of these companies end up sharing user logs with third parties. While this is necessary for their sustainability, it negates the whole point of fighting for online privacy.

VPN apps are affordable, easy to download and set up. It is prudent to read and understand the provider’s privacy policy before subscribing. Stay away from any service that tracks your online footprints or fails to assure or guarantee your privacy.  

Many VPN services have an application for nearly all internet devices; routers, android devices, iOS devices, windows, firesticks and name it. The best match should have applications that are compatible with your devices and be within your budget.

About pricing, annual subscriptions are cheaper than monthly subscriptions.


We are living in an IoT era where you cannot isolate yourself from internet use. You can, however, use a VPN to continue using the services without an overlord monitoring your every move.


Finding a Reputable Web Host

Finding a reputable web host is something any good webmaster has to do. They need to have a feel for exactly how quickly and decently a web host can deal with any problem that may arise. For example, if their server crashed, would you lose your sight? Probably not.

Imagine the day where you lose your entire customer’s information due to a server “meltdown”. This may include transaction ID’s, credit card numbers, ordering information (including, of course, what they ordered). What are you going to tell them? Are you going to spend a day calling or emailing all your customers saying “Hi, this is (your name here), and I’m sorry to inform you that we’ve had some technical issues? We’re going to need you to visit our website again and tell us exactly what you have ordered.” What are your customers going to think of you then?

Or maybe you own a blog. Blogs are usually updated on a daily basis or at least a few times a week. Over time, you’ll end up with hundreds and hundreds of posts. If they were to suddenly disappear, what would you do? Keep in mind that the way your customers find your blog, to begin with, is through all of the posts they find on Google. If your posts disappear, then guess what: You disappear off Google, and your readers vanish as well. Restoring a lost blog is no easy project. The only real way to do it is to simply start all over again. This can be a very frustrating task for anyone that took the time to write a lot of posts. Really, who wants to write the same thing twice?

If you had to re-create a community site, chances are a lot of your community will disappear once they find that your site is gone. Think about it. People get pretty much addicted to whatever type of community site they find themselves in, be it MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or even some forum. Chances are if your site is not able to handle them, there’s another that will. People have a tendency to “flock” to whatever is popular at the time. If your site says “I’m sorry, we’re broken, please try again in a while”, most of your visitors aren’t going to wait. They’re just going to look on Google for something else. And we all know how quickly that can be done.

The good news is that thanks to the power of the internet, we can find out a lot about almost any company or service available, including web hosting services. All it takes is a few minutes to research them on Google. Just do a simple search for the whole domain. If there aren’t a lot of results, or if people seem to only talk about their bad experiences, then don’t trust it. A little research can go a long way.


Several Advantages of Custom Software Development

Commonly known as the bespoke software, customized software is a kind of application that is tailored in line with the needs & expectations of a particular organization. Why customized software development has become so indispensable in today’s IT world? Here, we have rounded up reasons to answer your query: –

Optimized Development Process

Each business and organization has its own unique business needs and in-house processes; therefore, it is next to impossible to go with a particular software or application package that best fits the many purposes. This is where custom software development is worth an investment as then the application is designed & developed following every minute specification of the organization. The custom application development allows businesses to have an application that is optimized for their business processes, rather can revamping the processes.

Complete Development freedom

Since the software coding company will be creating an application for a specific organization, as a business you’ll have the complete freedom to decide on the best development techniques to design the app. You can either opt for the tradition development process or a trend-setting development technology that can drive your business forward.


Reliability is a critical factor that determines how success works. The software development agency will put in the effort to testing the custom application that ascertains that your organization has a reliable tool that will back your business to be a cut-above your market rivals. Another key benefit that supports that it is value for money investment is to upkeep & follow your organization processes. Thus, it eventually helps your business to succeed over time.


As a matter of truth, each business is unique in its way. Thereby, one size fits for all does not always work as far as the business processes are taken into account. Investing in a tailored business application that aligns with your organization present operational model and future expectations can prove to be a game-changer when it comes to how your business will survive & thrive in the present competitive world, So, in a nutshell, the customized development of the software will meet your unique business identity in the market.


The different processes of just about every organization take time, and in accordance with the dynamics of the market. Thereby, it is of importance that your businesses embrace newer technologies to maintain your market strength. The Customized development of the software makes it easy to adapt to new changes-technologies and processes can be integrated into your existing software.

In the end, the custom software development assures the highest levels of security and offer protection against end-to-end users need. To avail the many perks of custom development, it is best to reach out to a trustworthy coding company that has extensive experience and knowledge to deliver the best results.


How YouTube tracks the business of buying views

Many sites offer to buy thousands of views on YouTube for a few dozen Euros. A practice contrary to the rules of the platform. The penalties can go as far as the deletion of the account. Although some keywords are very competitive, close keywords, the same lexical field or even the long tail can offer many opportunities. Go to the YouTube search bar and start typing to see how You tube ends your sentence. These predictions given by the platform allow you to see what people are looking for on You tube.

On the other hand, buy you tube views remember that Google has YouTube. The search function on both platforms offers to serve the best answer to a question from a user. Adapt your content so that it responds to real questions from individuals.

How YouTube tracks the business of buying views

You tube live: the benefits

The big difference between Facebook live and You tube live is that Facebook will broadcast your video live to your community, that in the next 24 hours your fans will see the video in replay in their news feeds. However, this broadcast on Facebook Live will probably not have much value 2 or 3 weeks later. It’s more real-time content.

YouTube, on the other hand, is a content library, so a replay of a YouTube Live video can also be ranked in the search. You can make a live video by explaining step by step how to set up one of your products. Then, when the live video is gone, those who will see the video in replay will have the impression of watching a webinar published on You tube.

Then, when you post the video on YouTube, place the keyword (or key phrase) in your title, description, and tags, and add related tags.

Finally, the idea is to bring people strolling elsewhere on the web to YouTube. YouTube enjoys seeing your content attract new sessions and new traffic from other social networks .

Note that the first 24 hours count especially for your video, and then the next 7 days. Then the ranking of your video will be pretty much fixed, at least for the immediate future.

Throughout the search, production, and publishing process of your videos, make sure the title, content, and tags all emphasize the same idea. Imagine having a video on how to increase productivity and plan a day more efficiently. Your product is a planner. Still, if you never say the words planning or productivity in the video, Google will find it strange. That’s why it’s good to do a lot of work on your title and keywords in advance.

Also consider creating buy you tube views “clusters” of related content that can link and promote itself directly and indirectly. When this technique is well done, your videos may appear as suggested videos and are associated with each other.

It is a matter of thinking upstream of a group of videos that can all be related in a relevant way. Then, think that a keyword = a video. This will be even more clear for the algorithm of You tube that will understand better what you are talking about.

Keep in mind that every time you respond to a comment on YouTube, your answer counts. So, if you have 50 comments and answer all, you get 100 comments … If your competitor only has 50 comments (and gets the same metrics as you on the rest), your video will be ahead of his.


Why software are important to be used in restaurants

While running a restaurant you have to give a high quality meal to a customer and you have to manage all the resources that needs to run a restaurant. The handling of all the things like managing profit details, daily Sale, income of employees and cost for the ingredients required in the kitchen to make food is really a very difficult task. As a manager you have to deal with all these things on daily Basis, no matter it is small café, a restaurant or a chain of restaurants. The investment in the field of technology gives a huge advantage to you for managing the restaurant. By using technology you can reach your goals easily as it gives you an opportunity to manage the things very quickly. Here I am going to discuss the main reasons because of what software for restaurants are important.

Employee management

If you are a manager of a restaurant and you have to manage the system the first thing that comes in your task is managing the employees of a restaurant. It is really very difficult to apply check and balance on the employees. The main thing about the employees is their attendance on a specific time and the second thing comes is their daily performance about the work in the restaurant. Marking attendance on a mark sheet and writing a note on performance of a every employee is very daunting task. While with the help of software one can easily handle the employee attendance as well their daily performance.

Inventory control

If you want to run a restaurant and wants to get a most output you must know that how to manage an inventory of the restaurant. Inventory management is basically is an art of a manager to buy a goods according to the customer need. It also includes the use of the inventory ingredients. It is the main cost of the owner and it needs to check after every hour. Inventory control also includes the check and balance of a wasted food or unused ingredients. These all tasks are very difficult to do but with the help of software for restaurant you can easily manage all the things. You can keep check on the inventory at every moment or you can manage the wastage product that why it is not being used etc. wastage enhances investment of an owner.

Sale records

Checking the sale and tracing the bill is very difficult without task without a software as customer pays a bill through net cash or credit card or through any other resource, so managing all these things are very easy with the help of a software for restaurants.

Service progress

With the help of a software when can improve their service towards the customers. In a simple system without any technology it is very lengthy task to get an order from a customer and do it further while the technology make I very easy and fast process.


Why People Prefer 9apps Than Other App Store

In past days people need to wait for a long time in order to acquire an app from the internet. But now with the latest and advanced technology, you can able to get content within a few minutes. In the market, there is abundance of apps accessible for users. Whatever you are a game or movies lover, numerous apps are accessible in each & every category. Among many others, 9apps is most admired apps by the users. If you require using as well as enjoying the benefits of 9apps then you must acquire it on your tool.

Why 9apps is popular?

9Apps is one of the great as well as outstanding alternatives to the other app store as it offers you unlimited submission in various categories for free. Like Google play store, it does not make you pay for accessing some exact service. The major benefit of downloading this app is that all the content files are accessible at free of charge. So you no need to spend a single amount.

This makes you install wide varieties of apps according to your needs and requirements. This play store offers you plenty of games, ringtones, wallpapers, entertainment, education, etc in one destination. Another advantage of this portal is that it is extremely free from virus and malware. Hence, you can acquire anything effortlessly without facing any anxiety. It was developed by Alibaba group with the main aim to provide free applications to Android users. It performed well and gained more name among users worldwide.

What are the benefits of downloading 9apps?

  • Most users are choosing this app store because it has unlimited contents like apps, playoffs and many others. Both Android OS and Windows users can acquire more reimbursement from 9apps.
  • One can never see an excellent downloading speed before in many other app stores. 9apps provide you best downloading experience.
  • This app hoard is inbuilt among unique and exclusive features so you preserve effortlessly set up this app and take pleasure in all its benefits.
  • One of the best parts of 9apps is that it is exist in small size. So it does not occupy a lot of storage space on memory.
  • It is the best source by which you can get unlimited content to your appliance
  • All the contents are obtainable at free of rate
  • It provides a user-friendly search engine on the top of the page which can aid to your search your desired app within a few
  • 9apps is accessible in more than 10 languages including English. Therefore you can wish any one language based on your desires.
  • When compared to other app store, 9apps has a very good download manager. One can put their download pending in a queue or resume as per their desire. It has enhanced download speed than other apps.
  • You can obtain apps for free
  • Not only a single app, you can able to get nearly more than hundreds of app for your specific needs.

Software Development Company: Their activities and how to choose the best?

With everything now relying on technology, most of the organization is now facing major technological demands. Thanks to this situation the software and technology development industry are seeing a mammoth growth in the last few years. Almost every other company bog or small are looking for a good tech development company who can develop and stabilize software and applications relevant to the hiring firm.

A software development company like velvetech can provide several services including web designing, app development, blockchain development, etc. the basic process of a form as such is to identify the exact need of their client, design and develop programs accordingly and also test it for any anomaly.

Features of a software development company

There are several features and activities that go on in a software development firm. Some of them are:

  • They design solutions for software and digital problems. The solutions can be both full scale and custom made depending on the client’s demands.
  • Software designing companies create a collection of software for their clients which are called suites.
  • They help in creating corporate software which is used for increasing the operational efficiency of the company.
  • They can develop websites, applications for different operating platforms according to the assigned projects.
  • Lastly, they give their clients full support for business intelligence and provide digital and technical insights. These insights are then are helpful in optimizing the methods used by their clients to increase their customer base.

Things to consider while choosing a software development company

Sometimes it can be confusing to select that perfect software development firm as there are many options to choose from and also they all provide similar types of services. But there are certain points which are to be kept in mind as they are crucial in making the right choice.

  • Expertise: One should look for a company who has technical expertise and knowledge regarding everything tech and digital. One should check their experience and their customer base and their reviews. Also, see to it that they have all types of software development technology hoised with them so that they can cater to every demand during the completion of the project.
  • Flexibility: Developing a software or an application for a company means there will be many facets to it, but the most thing that a software company needs to keep in mind is that the design and development should be flexible. Flexibility means one can incorporate new things and make changes on the go especially if an innovative and high tech prone company is hiring a developer. So one should look for a development company who can create software which is agile.
  • Quality: one should focus on quality rather than quantity, so while choosing a software development company one should keep in mind to find a firm who can provide lean and clean programming rather than buggy ones.
  • Price: One should be very careful about the companies who offer cheap quotes. Cheaper quotes usually will lead to buggy programming, lack of proper support, faculty development, etc. All these things will eventually lead to more expenses in the future, so one should focus on the right price which can provide quality.

What Geotargeting Brings to your Customer Data

You can use geotargeting to turn your customer data into the key to additional sales. It can help you make a one-time shopper into a repeat customer. In order to properly leverage it though to increase conversion in your sales funnel, you’ll need to understand specifically what it can do and the limitations on its use.

Using Geotargeting Data to Increase Sales

Your business probably isn’t using the big data available to them yet. According to EConsultancy businesses use about 0.5 percent of the data available. Perceived complexity and expense limit its use. Actually, small businesses can easily use big data effectively.

Begin using available data by implementing these five methods. The analytics and reports of these sources can instantly jumpstart decision-making processes and help uncover new sales opportunities.

  1. Conduct analysis on your historical data. This includes your past leads, sales transactions and sales opportunities. Input this data into a customer relationship management software. Analyze prior strategies used and its effect. Analyze product segments. Add this data to what’s used for sales forecasts. It helps you identify high-value targets and make improved resources allocations.
  2. Use existing data, including competitor data, to optimize pricing. Combine the CRM data with competitor data to determine price tolerance, demand and purchasing behavior.
  3. Define and refine advertising messages. Analyzing big data lets you discover your market segments and tailor messages and contact methods based upon their preferences. Segment communications by age, geographic location, marital status and sex. Knowing this information lets you A/B test to analyze what works best in each potential ad.
  4. Use tools like Geckoboard to visualize the data in real-time. It automatically sifts data into manageable reports. This makes it simpler to track progress and monitor progress.
  5. Offer customers case studies to help communicate the value of your products. Include specific data and graphic analysis.

Helpful Data

Beyond the basics, you can use IP geolocation lookup to determine where your web store’s visitors live. This lets you identify problem areas like an area of heavy orders that’s affected by bad weather that could delay deliveries. Depending on the tool used, the IP geolocation data you obtain could include each visitor’s city, country, IP address, organization, state and ZIP Code.

One example of the usefulness of IP geolocation is sending a push notification to an existing customers’ cell phone when they’re within the shopping center your business is located.

Another example of the usefulness of IP geolocation lookup is Google search results. Google geotargets each search offering local business first. Businesses with a Google Local Business presence vault to the top of the search.

Blending the data collected from geolocation with existing customer data and competitor data provides a more complete picture of customers and helps your business improve targeting. Combining data lets you better create coupons, sales, time sales, order based on forecasted sales and more. Geotargeting helps you increase the leads and the sales in your funnel.


Microsoft Products Are Perfect for the Business Environment

When you run a business, you know how important your software is to its success and if you’re looking for the best software for that business, nothing beats a good Microsoft product. Microsoft has products for writing documents, developing spreadsheets, and creating full-colour presentations, not to mention keeping a better eye on the calendars of every one of your colleagues. Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based programme that combines the best features of several different software packages and whether your goal is more productivity, more security, or more mobility, Microsoft products are invaluable. At one time, these capabilities were only offered to very large corporations but now even smaller businesses can take advantage of these services. Microsoft Office 365 combines Windows 10, Office 365, Enterprise mobility, and excellent security; the end result is a comprehensive programme that allows you to conduct business in a much more timely and efficient manner.

Save Yourself Both Time and Money

You can save both time and money when you use a top-notch software product because these programmes are so efficient. Whether you’re in a meeting with a colleague in another country, composing an important proposal or white paper, or simply trying to conduct your business more efficiently so that it starts to grow and thrive, Microsoft Office 365 for business is an excellent programme that can accommodate businesses of all sizes and types. You can jump on Skype for an impromptu meeting, view files, and have remote access without ever losing connectivity with the Internet. Of course, this doesn’t mean that this product is just for those businesses with global locations because it is also great for small businesses just getting started. If you think of all the functions that make your business more efficient and simpler to operate, they are likely all on this new Microsoft product, giving you many reasons to try the package.

Making it Easier on You

One of the biggest advantages of these types of programmes is that with each version, they become more useful and less time-consuming, making you extra glad that you chose the software in the first place. You can work in any location, at any time of the day or night, and with any device because flexibility is one of their biggest assets. The programme’s security policies are second to none and it can run on any Android or IOS device. It also offers built-in encryption capabilities that can automatically lock down a device that has been stolen or lost, providing you with the peace of mind that you deserve. Security and productivity are both very important when you are choosing the right computer software for your business and the Microsoft Office 365 product offers all this and much more.


What is the purpose of government CRM

Governmental agencies strive to achieve efficiency. Efficiency is largely considered as a core component, being much more important than size. The more efficient that a governmental agency is, the more powerful it is and the fewer the costs are. There is software out there that can and will help increase efficiency and that software is called CRM. As a matter of fact, government CRM is not a mystery for the public sector. A great many governmental agencies utilize this tool in order to manage daily operations, so they are very well familiar with its capabilities.

If you have not realized, there is a shift in the way that governments from all over the world are delivering services to citizens. People are complaining less and less and this is because they have positive experiences with governmental agencies. Are you not curious to find out more about the purpose of CRM in the public sector? If you are dying of curiosity, then please continue reading.

CRM, government need, and public expectations

The main thing that governmental agencies have a problem with is managing citizen relationships. What agencies in the public sector need to be doing is build better relationships with citizens. However, this is easier said than done. It is necessary not only to listen to what people have to say, but also to respond to their needs. Delivering a better service on the whole is essential. Citizens demand and even expect a better service. This situation is prevalent all over the world.

The question now is if this is even possible. Of course, it is. As mentioned before, there is technology that can help in this respect. Operational systems like bpm’online and Microsoft Dynamics 365 have the power to automate practices and procedures, thus strengthening the capability of agencies activating in the public sector. It is not surprising to see that CRM is fundamental to their daily operations. “What can CRM do?” you ask. Well, we are going to enlist a couple of features of government CRM:

  • Communications & Integrated operations

Citizen relationship management software provides users the possibility to connect everything. This translates into the fact that they can build links between citizens, employees, agencies, and services. Key processes are drawn towards one place, not to mention that the information can be accessed by anyone who is empowered to do so. Because operational challenges are overcome, productivity increases significantly. Actually, this is the main perk of automation.

  • Case management

Case management is the means by which information is gathered, concerning peoples and parties from inside and outside of an organization. The whole point of case management is to find an answer to a problem. The main issue is that the process lifecycle is too long, implying steps like finding information, making decisions, obtaining approval, and gaining closure. Government CRM is the only tool that can help with case management.

  • Preserving government agency memory

Knowledge that is so essential to the effective functioning of governmental agencies has a short life. The explanation lies in the fact that it is difficult to keep track of information like contacts, relationships, not to mention interactions. Now it is possible thanks to CRM. What this software does is make it possible to preserve memory, by allowing users to create large databases for sensitive information.

Oracle also has the aforementioned features.

How to attain success with government CRM

Government CRM is not an application that doesn’t enjoy success. On the contrary, it is an application that most agencies in the public sector invest in. If the thought of implementing this kind of software, you will want to take into account the following tips. Who knows? They might come in handy.

  1. Get a good understanding of how citizens want to engage. If you are going to go through the effort to set in place an operating system, you might as well make the effort to understand how citizens wish to engage. They might have something different in mind than you do. Know for sure which their favored communication channel is.
  2. Send your employees to CRM boot camp. There are people who are not yet acquainted with technology, but with time, they will get used to using the government tool. You should not expect them to learn on their own. Even though CRM is not complicated to use, they might need additional explanations. So, send them to boot camp.
  3. Keep up to date with shifting policies. One thing you need to pay attention to is the fact that policies keep changing. No matter where it is that you are doing business, it is necessary to keep up to date with what is happening.

As long as you are careful, you should not have problems. It will be evident from the very beginning just how beneficial citizen relationship management software is.