Why Your Business Needs A Website Review


The digital world has changed so extensively in recent years that many SMEs that originally invested in websites 3-5 years ago or more, are amazed to find that they are no longer fit for purpose. We take a look at the benefits of conducting a website review.

Technologies have Changed

A few years ago, businesses were spending large amounts of money on custom build sites – sometimes even without CMS systems behind them for local updating, or customised CMS systems that reinvented the wheel and cost a lot. Today however, the rise of competing developer technologies and availability of ‘self build’ templates in WordPress, Umbraco and other systems, means that websites do not need to be expensive to be effective.

Processes have Changed

Corporate website builds could sometimes take over a year or more to deliver! Unthinkable in today’s fast era. Today, websites can be built in just a few months or even less, depending on their objectives and the complexity of functionalities required. Some small businesses need only a basic site which can be delivered on a template if the site needs few functionalities – providing a fit for purpose site, quickly and effectively.

Specialists are More Available

For larger projects, digital agencies are widely available which means that for businesses searching for web design in Newry, there is no need to hire permanent in-house support, unless there is a strong business case for doing so. Instead, Rycoweb Newry web designers will provide flexible access to the varied skillsets needed to build a new website – including developers, designers and project managers. You can also access skills such as animation and copywriting, depending on your brief and needs.

Your Site may be Old-fashioned

Sites that are just a few years old already look outdated because fashions change in web design like anything else! Today’s sites are typically delivered with strong imagery, clean design and a single page scrolling design that is optimised for digital devices such as smartphones and tablets. Websites also need to be built responsively, to meet the demands of access on the go. Customers are always demanding more – and are loyal to good providers.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to carry out a review and obtain significant business benefits through a strategic upgrade.