How Internet Fax Gives Your Business The Competitive Edge


Times are tough for businesses and the competition is way tougher. These are times when you must reinvent your business by keeping pace with technology. To survive and thrive, you must weed out the obsolete and bring in the new.

And, that is why you you may want to consider trashing your antiquated fax device and switching over to Internet faxing.

A fax-to-email service helps deliver critical documents in a fast and secure way. An online fax service can help you stay competitive and survive in this cut-throat jungle where only people with dollars survive. And, here’s how it can help you stay ahead:

You Shed Monochrome And Go 4-color

Faxes are monochrome and the world is Technicolor. Times have changed and good old monochrome is
out. If you want to impress your clients, send them well-laid out, 4-colored brochures and other marketing
collaterals. Even official documents can have your logo shining in call its 4-color glory. Online faxing
makes your communication look so much appealing – and competitive.

No More Wasting Time
Have you ever compared the time and effort it takes to send a traditional fax with the time and effort taken
to send it online? You will be boggled by the difference! An online fax can be sent with just one click while
a traditional fax requires document printing, inserting into fax machine, number dialing, waiting for fax
tone and then sending. A traditional fax is a traditional time waster and sending faxes online makes you
more productive and gets you faster responses!

Do you know what happens when you have to send a 20-page proposal over a traditional fax? Well, you
have to sit next to the fax machine and literally beg it to swallow and send your papers. However, when
you send the same document over e-fax, you can attend to other work while the online service sends your
documents. You can send one or many multi-document fax with just a couple of clicks, and in a few

Enhanced Security
Vendors, employees and customers can easily steal confidential documents that are sent or received
over a traditional fax. However, when you send an online fax it goes directly to the recipient (it lands in his
email box) and to no one else. Moreover an online fax service is equipped with high-level encryption
technology and that keeps hackers from getting to your fax. Such security keeps your competitors from
prying on your confidential documents.

This is how email-to-fax services can help you stay competitive in this ruthless world.