Designing Your eCommerce Website


Over the recent years, more and more consumers are using the internet as a means of shopping which has led to eCommerce being the future of the internet. Before the big online shopping era happened, online shopping wasn’t very common and the reason for this is because technology wasn’t trusted enough for people to enter their card details and personal information, but since then, technology has advanced greatly and it’s thanks to this that people now have trust when shopping online.

It’s easy enough for anyone to setup an eCommerce shop these days with the help of a wed design agency, however to keep your customers coming back and new custom coming in, it’s extremely important that you have an eCommerce website design which is user friendly and secure. This means that navigation, shopping carts, product categories and search facilities should all be visible on your site. Without these essentials, how will people navigate through your shop?

Before designing your eCommerce website, compile some written content for your home page or welcome page that will allow customers to see exactly what it is your shop offers. Within this text content you can even use a few target keywords to catch the eye of customers and search engines. Don’t stuff the content with keywords though as search engines may recognise this as a black-hat SEO technique which may result in your website being flagged or removed from search engines completely.

The home page, or welcome page, should also have the product categories and menu for navigation. The home page will basically work as a root to your website so it’s very important that you put the essentials in there for everyone to see. Without them, it would be pointless even having an eCommerce shop.

Putting the actual design for your bigcommerce site speed optimization shop is perhaps the trickiest part of the whole setup process and without the necessary programming and graphical design skills it will prove to be extremely complicated… to the point where you almost feel like giving up. It is highly recommended that you hire a web development agency that specialise in eCommerce to complete the design for you. This way you can be sure it will be done quickly, efficiently and up to date with the latest web standards.

When designing your eCommerce store, it’s also important that you have a privacy policy, shipping terms and disclaimer. This will allow your customers to see all your rates and services without having to contact you. This content will, of course, need to be written so take your time with it and make sure everything is correct to prevent any misunderstandings.

By Sarah-Jayne Culver; a Search Consultant at providing Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK.