Use The Web To Find A Good Site Designer


Website designing is sort of a like an afternoon’s work. Site design tools that have been available for more than a decade now, you can have an almost professional looking site up and running in a matter of days. Unfortunately, this speed and ease of use come at a great cost. The cost is the lack of unique identity and search engine optimization. These site building tools will never take you far and that is one web technology you don’t want to use for your business site.

What should you use then? You must use a professional website designer company’s services. It’s not easy to find a decent site design firm.

Go Online

The only way you will be making this search for a site designer quick and efficient is to go online. Forget your past contacts. Don’t even try looking for Craig’s list postings to pick some freelancer off the internet streets. This is your business site we are talking about, the face of your online internet marketing strategy. While running a business does involve a number of compromises, there are some specific topics where no corners are to be cut. The company website happens to be one of those no-compromise things.

Would you suppose you should start your search your search for the designer from search engines? Well, that seems obvious but honestly that is not going to quite cut a good craft. The problem is that all web designing companies know a lot about optimizing their own sites for search engines. Essentially, this means you cannot just judge a website company by how high it finds itself in search results.

Recollect From Memory

The alternative we are suggesting is this. Over your business career, you must have seen a lot of other business sites. If not for anything, you must have at least visited the sites of your competitors. It is not required that you praise what your competitor is doing with his products and services, you can always judge their site designs.

Of the ten fifteen sites that you may have visited, three of four of them might have caught your fancy. You might like the minimalist layout, or the innovative transitions or the ease with which the content was presented.

You will notice that the some of these sites that caught your fancy also have a decent listing under various search results for keywords. The same keywords which you are hoping will bring up your, to be built, site in search results. This is a decent benchmark. Check those sites that are, good looking and also optimized for search engines. You will end up with, let’s say, five such sites.

Go After The Designer

The best thing about sites is that, most companies would not mind allowing the site designer to put a badge at the corner of the site, saying that it was built by so and so company.

All you have to do is visit those five sites and collect the designer information. If a designer information is not available, you can probably call up the IT department of that company and find out who designed their sites. Website design is not top secret stuff, so getting that information is not going to be a big deal. Once you have the list of website developers, fix up a meeting and soon enough you will have your own grand business website welcoming all your current and future customers.

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