Ecommerce Website Design Tips


A customer who knows what he or she is looking for is definitely an informed one. With the breakthrough in internet technology over the past years, about 65% of customers use search engines to find products and services online. Website design is the service that can help your business become visible to the customer, and probably provide them with the important information they are looking for. However, it does not start and end with the design if you want your ecommerce business to perform excellently. In fact, high quality ecommerce website development will determine the level of conversion your website will have. Therefore, when having the site designed, consider these factors.

Distraction-free Checkout Page
In the professional custom website for your ecommerce business, ensure that you eliminate all the distractions when a customer gets to the checkout page. You definitely want your customers to take a very specific direction – to check out. Therefore, ensure that you design the website in a way that sidebar navigations and other distractive links are eliminated to give your customers a clear path to take. Normally, single conversion pages are said to have the best results.

Simplify Searches
With custom ecommerce website creation, it is easy to tweak the search function so that customers can easily find what they are alooking for on your ecommerce website. On some websites, searches return too many results than the customer expects, most of which are wrong. Including autocomplete on your professional custom website for your online business will help increase conversion.

Optimize the “Add to Cart” Feature
The sole purpose of e-business websites is to ensure that customers buy with the highest level of ease. You do not want your customers to fumble around, get frustrated before even buying the product. Customers react to direct call to action words such as ‘buy now’ and ‘add to cart’ on e-business websites compared to when indirect call to action words like ‘learn more’ and ‘more details’ are used.

Make the Cart Clearly Visible
Ecommerce website designing companies provide various options for businesses that sell services and products. For this reason, it is very important in ecommerce website development that the shopping cart be made clearly visible to the customer. When customers add their items to the cart, they want to be sure that it was registered properly. Therefore, ensure that the area of the shopping cart clearly shows what the customer has added and if possible, the total cost.

Give Customers More Control
Intuitive custom ecommerce website creation should give customers not only a clear view of what they are doing on the website but also the freedom to change almost everything they have done with the shopping cart. Most companies providing website design for online shopping stores will provide the necessary tools for this function. In addition, ecommerce website designing that comes with experience can make it easy for customers to customize the way they brows product and service categories in order to make their selections. In order to get the best services in web designing for online shopping stores, consider these factors while choosing the design expert.

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Post contributed by Dianne, she is marketing consultant and blogger. She is founder of, an e-commerce website designing firm.