The Role of Technology in Handling Security Threats


Technology has definitely changed the way in which the world works. It has influenced each and every aspect of modern life. While it has given us things that have definitely made our lives easier, it also has some downsides. Today, we live in a world where all our devices and systems are interconnected. It has made our lives much more convenient, but at the same time, it also provides an opportunity to the malicious forces for a backdoor exploit.


It is the growing ubiquity of the mobile technology and the presence of internet-connected devices that are presenting new threats and increasing the challenges for the security personnel.

Identify Threats and Respond in Time

Having said that, while the risks are technology-driven, it’s the technology only that provides solutions for them. Technology is, in fact, critical for enhancing security. In the absence of security cameras, alarms, and detectors, you can’t think of identifying the threats and responding in time. Imagine keeping a vigil on large public areas like airports and railway stations without any video surveillance devices. You would require huge manpower and still won’t succeed in doing it efficiently.

Today, organisations Showbox for pc windows 10 face a number of threats on a daily basis – both major and minor threats. It is mandatory for them to keep an eye on their operations and other local areas all the time. Technology helps them in doing that. Using the feeds sent by the video surveillance system, they can detect any unusual activity or behaviour in their premises in real time. The best part is that with less manpower they can keep a vigil on a large area making use of these surveillance systems.

Program the Surveillance System as Per Needs

Technology helps them in programming their systems according to their needs. For instance, if there is a restricted area, then they can set their CCTV cameras in that area with specific algorithms like signalling an alarm if any individual is hanging around in that area for a specific time.

If the organisation is spread across large area, then monitoring all parts of a large area 24×7 is not possible manually. However, having a unified system that comprises of alarms, cameras, detectors, and some analytical tools and algorithms will make it possible for just a few to monitor the entire area with ease and efficiency. In case any incident or accident happens in a certain part, then they can alert others and send help in the required area simultaneously using this interconnected system.