Factors to Consider While Investing on a Washing Machine


Washing machine is a big, long-term investment. You will consider aspects like brand, size, and washing machine price but there are lots more to the definition of an ideal washing machine.

Choose one that suits your lifestyle

You need to clearly understand what to look for before blocking your funds for a decade. Find answers to some questions given below.

  • How frequently are clothes washed in your home?
  • Is your laundry heavily soiled?
  • Do you desire specific features or perks?
  • Define your budget

Do your homework, before hitting the appliance dealership. Choosing is made a little easy and less stressful, as you know precisely what to look for.


Washing machine cost depends on its features, capacity, size, front or top load and automatic or semi. Enter the shop with budget in mind helps to control your decision. Visit CompareRaja.in to get the best deal on variety of Samsung washing machine.

Front vs. top load

Top load washer is commonly used. It is easy to load and operate and also it is light and easily movable but consumes more water in comparison. If you are single or an elder person operating it then this affordable option is convenient because there is no bending needed to load/unload the washing machine.

Alternatively, front loaders are expensive, heavy but can clean large number of clothes using less water. Samsung front load is best energy efficient washing machine with high spin speeds, which helps to decrease the drying time. A big family can find front loader a good alternative. The drawbacks are long wash cycles, loud spin cycles, and high maintenance.

Automatic vs. semiautomatic

Full automatic machines include a single tub for washing and drying process. No manual work is needed but consistent water flow is needed till wash cycle gets concluded. You just need to load the automatic washing machine and set options. Alarm beeps, when washing is complete.

In semi-automatic machines there are two tubs. You need to manually transfer the clothes from washing tub to drying tub. However, the machine is large but saves water because there is no need for continuous water supply. You can add more clothes in the washing cycle as size is bigger but maintenance and purchase cost is less than automatic units.

Size & capacity

Size and capacity are features, which depend on your budget, wash load, usage frequency, and space. You need to have rough idea of how much laundry gets collected for washing, at the end of day. For example, a single person can pick 5kg washing machine but if there is a kid in family, you will need to consider the 10 kg unit. High capacity machine enables user to wash less often. It means reduced energy bills.

Other features found in washing machines

Automatic dispenser

Correct detergent amount gets put in it, so there is no need for measuring it manually.

Sound dampening

If washing machine is placed near the bedroom then it is wise to choose this feature to keep the noise low.

Steam cycle

Steam cycle technology allows gentle wash, reduced wrinkles, and is perfect to wash bed sheets, table cloths, curtains, etc.