Benefits of TVS Jupiter classic edition


You must have seen people often say ‘old is gold’. TVS took this literally and launched the TVS Jupiter Classic edition back in 2017 with a stunning look combined with next-generation features giving a tough beat too bad brat Honda Activa, which was dominating the market back then.Within only a year of its launch, it was able to surpass all the records by selling out more than 2 million units and still counting. So what lead TVS Jupiter classic edition to reach such success? We will find out next.

Features and Benefits

TVS Jupiter embodies features which only a few no. of scooters in India can offer. Let us dig into some of the features and Benefits of TVS Jupiter classic edition.

  1. Econometer- you can control how the amount of fuel you would want to spend using the Eco and power mode. Whenever you need to sustain on fuel expenditure, click on the Eco mode.
  2. Fuel filler cap with TVS Logo-like in most other scooters one wouldn’t be required to open the entire seat to fill fuel tank as it is situated just at the back along with a cap with logo imprinted on it.
  3. Low fuel indicator: You don’t have to be wary about not knowing how much fuel you spent as the low fuel indicator is there to save your day.
  4. Milage: A 62 Kmplmileage with a top speed of around 85 Kmphis more than sufficient for Indian roads.
  5. Mobile charging port: unlike the other tvs Jupiter version, this one comes with a charging plug for mobiles.
  6. Two hooks better than one: enhances utility with dual hooks. One is located below the handlebar and other below the seat. These can be usedfor bags and helmet.
  7. Capacity:Storage space under the seat is 17 liters with an addedtoolkitTank capacity is 5 liters which is a decent amount for any scooter. We don’t complain!
  8. Handle bars: The classic edition differs from the Jupiter mostly because of its extra style and comfort features. Handle bars are added in this one which gives it a better look and grip.
  9. Dynamic Brakes and break rest: It has a break in the front with 220 mm disc and single piston. 130 mm drum brakesare present in front and back. Overall, it helps produce quick action. Brakes will not make one tremble. Also there is an added break rest for passengers which are not there in any other Jupiter scooters.
  10. Lock with a locking shutter: An added safety just in case. Your key head can shut down the keyhole as well.
  11. Physical appearance: This is where it scores the most. Sized bigger than other scooters.The premium design reminds us of the retroThe vintage windshield as to the feel.The backrest is cushioned and very comfortable. Mudguard looks classy with an ornament on top.It is very spacious with enough room for knees and legs.
  12. Amazing telescopic suspension: This helps to run smoothly over rough terrains.

The price ranges from Rs 54k to 65k in different states. So cool looks, amazing specs,and affordable price. Do we need more?