5 Great Portable Gadgets For Kids


Kids today are immersed in technology at a very young age and keeping up with the newest and best innovations is practically a fulltime job for parents. After doing some research, however, we found five educational and safe gadgets you and your children will both appreciate.

Storia, an eReader for Your Child

Reading is one of the most important skills your child will develop. With Storia, available from the Scholastic store, you can help them develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime. Your kids can use Storia to select and download eBooks from the teacher approved Scholastic library and read almost anywhere. Books are available for reading levels from beginner to advance so your child won’t outgrow Storia’s usefulness.

Video Cameras for Kids

Kids love to make their own videos of special events and everyday life and whether you have toddlers or teens, there is a video camera made especially for them. Some cameras are built extra-tough for the youngest videographers and others are more realistic and great for older children. You may want to do some comparison shopping for this item because they are available from several manufacturers. After making the purchase, you may be surprised to learn your child has a natural talent for movie making.

LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Explorer

This kid friendly tablet features front and back cameras, five-inch touch screen, 4GB memory, and already has five apps installed when you purchase it. There are oodles of other learning apps and games available as well. At approximately $125 this purchase is a sound investment in your child’s education.

Firefly Mobile

This cell phone is simple to use and is only able to dial five numbers. Your kids won’t have to worry about memorizing phone numbers because you program in the numbers of five people you have chosen as emergency contacts. Simply by pushing number one, they’ll ring you, number two goes to dad, three, to grandma, and so on. It’s so simple, even preschoolers can use it if they need help in a hurry.

iPod Shuffle

For less than $80, you can keep your young music lover happy and content for hours. This cool gadget stores up to 250 songs so your child can listen whenever the mood strikes. It’s great for car rides and brightening up dull moments. It comes complete with headphones, of course, so others won’t be disturbed by the music. Isn’t technology great? There are portable gadgets that help your kids learn, that entertain them, and that keep them safer. Do your research and discover which of these electronic devices will be the perfect choice for your active youngster.

About the Author: Shella Beckworth is always looking for great deals on gadgets for her three kids. She’s also always looking for cheap Canon toner cartridges, arts and craft supplies, and anything that will keep her crew busy!