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Loads of optimised pages- Why this is not good for SEO of your website

We all know that creating a good-quality content is always significant for SEO. However, most of the marketers have not realised the fact that excessive use of content may cause a detrimental effect to the ranking of a website. Many online entrepreneurs, who try out SEO in their own way, produce bulk amount of content. And they think that it would improve their rankings in SERP report. But, you need to know that some more powerful ways are available to enhance the position of a site.

Gateway pages- Always avoid them at your website

One of the major mistakes of many content developers is that they add gateway pages to the websites. The businesses also consider that such pages may draw the web visitors from a range of places. But, Google team has decided to penalise this kind of pages. Gateway page is such a page, which is targeted at only one definite location. However, it does not contain important and informative content. So, the professionals of any reputed company, like SEO Shark, never make use of such pages. Some common examples, denoting these gateway pages include-

  • More than one domain, intended for particular cities or regions
  • Similar types of pages in the SERP

Lots of pages only for local customers

Another reason of Google’s penalisation is the presence of content of many pages, targeting a range of locations. If all those contents are not on different service and goods, your website may have the negative impact.

For optimising an online platform for various cities, you may post blog for all those sites. But, these blogs must be different to each other.

Readers need to get value from your pages-

If the online pages give an excellent value and information to the visitors, they are termed as the high-performance web pages. Perhaps, it is a blog list or some other pages of your website; however, usability is the main factor to the SEO experts. A page, full of worthless information, can never make an excellent performance. While you do not have much idea to compose SEO content, it is better to hire professional writers.

Number of web pages- How to decide on it

It is true that if you have added several web pages with short content, it cannot be beneficial for SEO. So, lots of website owners want to know about the exact number of pages to be added to their website. The simple solution is that- You should create only those pages that are enough to solve the questions of customers.

Thus, for the best result and effective tips, you may contact any professional of SEO Shark. Your website may turn out to be better while you have planned to insert two to three high-quality informative pages on a monthly. If you think that you have upgraded the status of your website up to a desired level, there is no need of creating more web pages.

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The Importance of Local SEO

At any given time, local search (SEO) may seem to be the only subject of discussion in the SEO community. So important is local search in 2017 that it would be pure folly for a business not to have at least a rudimentary local search strategy in place, and even that seems foolish given the emphasis marketers place on local SEO.

While some SEO experts point to the 2014 Pigeon update for the growing importance of local SEO, others point to their smartphones – it’s impossible to deny that both have forever changed the way we search for products and services. If you’re ready to put your business in front of ready-to-buy customers looking for businesses like yours, then local SEO is something you just can’t overlook.

As a leading SEO Company in Australia, we’ve found that implementing a strong local SEO strategy is the best way to drive more organic web traffic and connect with customers who wouldn’t dream of searching for what they want to buy any other way. And we’re not alone in believing this, as the entire SEO community is in agreeance. Here’s why.

Local Search Connects Businesses with Ready-to-Buy Customers

The statistics overwhelmingly show this. 50% of smartphone searches and 34% of desktop/tablet searches result in an in-person visit that day. It is important, however, to note that most businesses get lost in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), and that the bulk of the attention goes to the results on the first page, especially the highly-coveted top three spots – the Google 3-Pack.

There were 7 spots (the Google 7-Pack) until 2015, though now that the list has been slashed to three, getting your business onto the winners’ podium for your most valuable keywords increases your visibility exponentially and will help drive leads and sales like never before. It also means that those other four businesses are getting a lot less attention from searchers than they used to.

Greater Competition Than Ever Before

Not all businesses are competing in an increasingly crowded marketplace but most businesses are because new businesses are established every day, and every time a business opens a website pops up. What’s more, big businesses with big resources get more SERP visibility, so small businesses often have to find smaller, more niche audiences to target, and the best way to do this is local SEO.

Having said that, Google has been known to show love for small businesses because it recognises the importance of giving people personalised search results. To do this, it may eschew big name brands (which it normally prefers because of factors like domain authority and brand history), in favour of smaller, often more popular, brands. That’s something to capitalise on by increasing your visibility in SERPs, which among other methods, can be enhanced with local citations in the top directories, like Pure Local.

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Fuel Conversions With Magento Enterprise Design

You will be surprised to know that according to an estimate, Magento commerce has 26% market share out of the top one million sites around the world. Having said that, they mean, you name any big company that is engaged in e-commerce activities, you will by default see that it runs on Magento enterprise design. However, some believe that Magento is immensely popular among the users on account of its free community version. Whatever be the logic behind the popularity of Magento platform for website development, the fact is it’s reigning in the markets across the geographies.

Experts opine that using free community version, you can’t make money in the business. Therefore, the use of enterprise design for your business is something like putting the right resource at the right place. You also know very well that any mismatch in the performance of your website compared to your competition in the virtual space would mean a disaster for you anytime soon. The e-commerce giant eBay owns Magento since 2011 and as such, you can expect many updates here from time to time that, in essence, will improve your business performance.

The best part is that eBay is pouring money and support with a view to keeping the Magento leadership in the market. Besides, the enterprise design has a solid integration with PayPal that, in turn, assures you about the flawless online transactions wherever you are on this earth.

Key areas of Magento enterprise design:

  • ERP integration: ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. With an ERP integration with your site, things become easy to manage for you without any flaw. For instance, an ERP integration for your site will lead to a gamut of benefits like a central database that averts data duplication, user-friendly reporting, seamless integration of the stuff spread all over the site, and an integrated business process to name a few here. You will be happy to know that Magento enterprise design is compatible with ERP integration that puts your site ahead in the competition.
  • Marketplace integration: As you know that the leading e-commerce players around the world such as Amazon, Rakuten, eBay, and use enterprise design of Magento, using the same platform for your site, you will essentially benefit from the seamless integration with those giant retailers in the worldwide market. As a matter of fact, processes like buying and selling and the payment realisation will take place without any flaw, to say the least.
  • Data management and import: Currently, if you are not using the enterprise design of Magento, you have nothing to worry since the transition will be smooth without affecting your everyday business.
  • CRM integration: It helps to optimise the performance of your site and also manages CRM (customer relationship management).

To our understanding, if you could afford to pay for the OPEX (operational expenditure), you could also pay for the enterprise design of Magento under the head of CAPEX (capital expenditure). After all, once you build up the site using Magento enterprise design, it will stay with you for life. Upgrades on it over the years will not cost a fortune for sure!

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How Internet Fax Gives Your Business The Competitive Edge

Times are tough for businesses and the competition is way tougher. These are times when you must reinvent your business by keeping pace with technology. To survive and thrive, you must weed out the obsolete and bring in the new.

And, that is why you you may want to consider trashing your antiquated fax device and switching over to Internet faxing.

A fax-to-email service helps deliver critical documents in a fast and secure way. An online fax service can help you stay competitive and survive in this cut-throat jungle where only people with dollars survive. And, here’s how it can help you stay ahead:

You Shed Monochrome And Go 4-color

Faxes are monochrome and the world is Technicolor. Times have changed and good old monochrome is
out. If you want to impress your clients, send them well-laid out, 4-colored brochures and other marketing
collaterals. Even official documents can have your logo shining in call its 4-color glory. Online faxing
makes your communication look so much appealing – and competitive.

No More Wasting Time
Have you ever compared the time and effort it takes to send a traditional fax with the time and effort taken
to send it online? You will be boggled by the difference! An online fax can be sent with just one click while
a traditional fax requires document printing, inserting into fax machine, number dialing, waiting for fax
tone and then sending. A traditional fax is a traditional time waster and sending faxes online makes you
more productive and gets you faster responses!

Do you know what happens when you have to send a 20-page proposal over a traditional fax? Well, you
have to sit next to the fax machine and literally beg it to swallow and send your papers. However, when
you send the same document over e-fax, you can attend to other work while the online service sends your
documents. You can send one or many multi-document fax with just a couple of clicks, and in a few

Enhanced Security
Vendors, employees and customers can easily steal confidential documents that are sent or received
over a traditional fax. However, when you send an online fax it goes directly to the recipient (it lands in his
email box) and to no one else. Moreover an online fax service is equipped with high-level encryption
technology and that keeps hackers from getting to your fax. Such security keeps your competitors from
prying on your confidential documents.

This is how email-to-fax services can help you stay competitive in this ruthless world.

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Why Your Business Needs A Website Review

The digital world has changed so extensively in recent years that many SMEs that originally invested in websites 3-5 years ago or more, are amazed to find that they are no longer fit for purpose. We take a look at the benefits of conducting a website review.

Technologies have Changed

A few years ago, businesses were spending large amounts of money on custom build sites – sometimes even without CMS systems behind them for local updating, or customised CMS systems that reinvented the wheel and cost a lot. Today however, the rise of competing developer technologies and availability of ‘self build’ templates in WordPress, Umbraco and other systems, means that websites do not need to be expensive to be effective.

Processes have Changed

Corporate website builds could sometimes take over a year or more to deliver! Unthinkable in today’s fast era. Today, websites can be built in just a few months or even less, depending on their objectives and the complexity of functionalities required. Some small businesses need only a basic site which can be delivered on a template if the site needs few functionalities – providing a fit for purpose site, quickly and effectively.

Specialists are More Available

For larger projects, digital agencies are widely available which means that for businesses searching for web design in Newry, there is no need to hire permanent in-house support, unless there is a strong business case for doing so. Instead, Rycoweb Newry web designers will provide flexible access to the varied skillsets needed to build a new website – including developers, designers and project managers. You can also access skills such as animation and copywriting, depending on your brief and needs.

Your Site may be Old-fashioned

Sites that are just a few years old already look outdated because fashions change in web design like anything else! Today’s sites are typically delivered with strong imagery, clean design and a single page scrolling design that is optimised for digital devices such as smartphones and tablets. Websites also need to be built responsively, to meet the demands of access on the go. Customers are always demanding more – and are loyal to good providers.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to carry out a review and obtain significant business benefits through a strategic upgrade.

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A Timeline Of The Best Websites

The 2000s have seen the development of some great websites. Some were brand new ideas and some were online versions of well-established popular services, but all the sites in this list brought us some very useful and innovative features.

Wikipedia – Launched in 2001

The first of its kind, this online encyclopedia written by the general public has now become the most extensive single source of information in the world, accessed millions of times a day from all around the globe. Any subject you can imagine will be covered there.

Google News – Launched in 2002

This site was the first to bring together multiple global news sources in one place, making it a great resource for all kinds of news – local, national, sports, technology and much more. Sources include world-renowned news services such as Reuters.

Skype – Launched in 2003

An application which revolutionized the communications industry, Skype has enabled families and friends separated by thousands of miles to stay in regular visual contact with just an internet connection and a laptop.

Facebook – Launched in 2004

Facebook began as a social network for college and high school students and has expanded to become the most popular online social platform ever known. Almost one in ten people on Earth now has a Facebook account – in the US over 70 per cent of all internet users have one. In an average 20-minute period, over a million links are shared on the platform.

Yelp – Launched in 2004

This was the first of many sites which bring together genuine user reviews of all kinds of services, from restaurants to retailers. Some of the sites which followed it, such as Tripadvisor, have become extremely influential in their fields, and many people frequently rely on their advice to decide on which service providers to use. If you are thinking of starting an online business, it is best to use a reliable firm to help you, such as When it comes to Web Design Cheltenham businesses often choose this company.

Flickr – Launched in 2004

Flickr is still one of the most popular photo-sharing and hosting sites – not just for general users, but also journalists and bloggers, as photos can be marked with their creative commons licensing details. You can check regulations around using photos at

YouTube – Launched in 2005

Ten years after it began, YouTube is by far the most used video-sharing website around the globe. Originally it was just used by the man in the street, but now most major brands across many industries have their own YouTube channel as another way to connect with their existing and potential customers.

Twitter – Launched in 2006

Twitter began as a microblogging service and developed into a global social messaging platform, spreading opinions and news around the world within minutes. It is not just for celebrity gossip either. Often when tense political situations or natural disasters are unfolding, the people affected can stay in touch and let the world know what is going on via Twitter

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Ecommerce Website Design Tips

A customer who knows what he or she is looking for is definitely an informed one. With the breakthrough in internet technology over the past years, about 65% of customers use search engines to find products and services online. Website design is the service that can help your business become visible to the customer, and probably provide them with the important information they are looking for. However, it does not start and end with the design if you want your ecommerce business to perform excellently. In fact, high quality ecommerce website development will determine the level of conversion your website will have. Therefore, when having the site designed, consider these factors.

Distraction-free Checkout Page
In the professional custom website for your ecommerce business, ensure that you eliminate all the distractions when a customer gets to the checkout page. You definitely want your customers to take a very specific direction – to check out. Therefore, ensure that you design the website in a way that sidebar navigations and other distractive links are eliminated to give your customers a clear path to take. Normally, single conversion pages are said to have the best results.

Simplify Searches
With custom ecommerce website creation, it is easy to tweak the search function so that customers can easily find what they are alooking for on your ecommerce website. On some websites, searches return too many results than the customer expects, most of which are wrong. Including autocomplete on your professional custom website for your online business will help increase conversion.

Optimize the “Add to Cart” Feature
The sole purpose of e-business websites is to ensure that customers buy with the highest level of ease. You do not want your customers to fumble around, get frustrated before even buying the product. Customers react to direct call to action words such as ‘buy now’ and ‘add to cart’ on e-business websites compared to when indirect call to action words like ‘learn more’ and ‘more details’ are used.

Make the Cart Clearly Visible
Ecommerce website designing companies provide various options for businesses that sell services and products. For this reason, it is very important in ecommerce website development that the shopping cart be made clearly visible to the customer. When customers add their items to the cart, they want to be sure that it was registered properly. Therefore, ensure that the area of the shopping cart clearly shows what the customer has added and if possible, the total cost.

Give Customers More Control
Intuitive custom ecommerce website creation should give customers not only a clear view of what they are doing on the website but also the freedom to change almost everything they have done with the shopping cart. Most companies providing website design for online shopping stores will provide the necessary tools for this function. In addition, ecommerce website designing that comes with experience can make it easy for customers to customize the way they brows product and service categories in order to make their selections. In order to get the best services in web designing for online shopping stores, consider these factors while choosing the design expert.

Find professional firms that tweak enough your online store to maximize conversions. Learn more on tips for E-commerce website design and online shopping cart websites.

Post contributed by Dianne, she is marketing consultant and blogger. She is founder of, an e-commerce website designing firm.

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Use The Web To Find A Good Site Designer

Website designing is sort of a like an afternoon’s work. Site design tools that have been available for more than a decade now, you can have an almost professional looking site up and running in a matter of days. Unfortunately, this speed and ease of use come at a great cost. The cost is the lack of unique identity and search engine optimization. These site building tools will never take you far and that is one web technology you don’t want to use for your business site.

What should you use then? You must use a professional website designer company’s services. It’s not easy to find a decent site design firm.

Go Online

The only way you will be making this search for a site designer quick and efficient is to go online. Forget your past contacts. Don’t even try looking for Craig’s list postings to pick some freelancer off the internet streets. This is your business site we are talking about, the face of your online internet marketing strategy. While running a business does involve a number of compromises, there are some specific topics where no corners are to be cut. The company website happens to be one of those no-compromise things.

Would you suppose you should start your search your search for the designer from search engines? Well, that seems obvious but honestly that is not going to quite cut a good craft. The problem is that all web designing companies know a lot about optimizing their own sites for search engines. Essentially, this means you cannot just judge a website company by how high it finds itself in search results.

Recollect From Memory

The alternative we are suggesting is this. Over your business career, you must have seen a lot of other business sites. If not for anything, you must have at least visited the sites of your competitors. It is not required that you praise what your competitor is doing with his products and services, you can always judge their site designs.

Of the ten fifteen sites that you may have visited, three of four of them might have caught your fancy. You might like the minimalist layout, or the innovative transitions or the ease with which the content was presented.

You will notice that the some of these sites that caught your fancy also have a decent listing under various search results for keywords. The same keywords which you are hoping will bring up your, to be built, site in search results. This is a decent benchmark. Check those sites that are, good looking and also optimized for search engines. You will end up with, let’s say, five such sites.

Go After The Designer

The best thing about sites is that, most companies would not mind allowing the site designer to put a badge at the corner of the site, saying that it was built by so and so company.

All you have to do is visit those five sites and collect the designer information. If a designer information is not available, you can probably call up the IT department of that company and find out who designed their sites. Website design is not top secret stuff, so getting that information is not going to be a big deal. Once you have the list of website developers, fix up a meeting and soon enough you will have your own grand business website welcoming all your current and future customers.

The author has immense knowledge about various topics, web design being on top of the list. To know more about web design, click here.