Save Your Lungs With This Gadget


Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, we all must have heard it and seen too but do we actually follow it? Answer is no; we overlook it. Cigarette smoking affects our body but it greatly affects our lungs. It contains nicotine that interferes with the technique of our body to filter out air and cleaning our lungs. Finally leading to lung cancer, the worst form as the person constantly coughs. In most cases, lung cancer is caused due to smoking.

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How Lung Cancer is Caused-

Our body functions in such a way that it cleans the dirt (through hair like structures) and smoking affects this activity. It also leads to irritation of lungs and is the root cause of overproduction of mucus which ultimately leads to congestion of lungs. In simpler words, smokers suffer from chronic bronchitis due to extra mucus popularly known as smokers cough. Smoke could also lead to asthma.

If people are exposed to smoke more often like those smoking for years, destroy their lung structure.

There are small airways in our lungs which help in transferring oxygen to our blood but smoke will reduce such tissues which perform this function, scientifically known as emphysema. So, the more you smoke, chances are that you destroy your lung structure. With age, your lungs may not function well and smoking adds to it (affecting functionality). As already stated smoking destroys our lungs as less oxygen is carried to our blood making us more prone to infection. Smoking can produce chemicals which are so harmful that they can turn our normal cells into cancer cells. We can also suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease due to smoking, a leading cause of death.

In order to save your precious lungs, you can switch to e-cigarettes from traditional ones which you can buy from CloudCig. They include e-pens, e-hookah which collectively forms electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS).   E-cigarette produce vapor when the smoker takes a puff by pressing a button on e-cigarette. These are battery operated and have filled cartridges which are refillable as well containing juices. These juices can be flavored (cinnamon, vanilla) and contain vegetable glycerin.

There is no effect on lungs as they do not produce smoke instead they produce vapor. It was also found out that carbon monoxide generated by smokers using e-cigarettes is comparatively less than that of traditional cigarettes. This could save lungs of those who are around smokers.