Understanding What a Dedicated Server Hosting Means and Its Benefits


If your work involves reaching out to people online, then you will encounter or most likely need a server hosting. Before jumping into the very topic, you should first know what bandwidth is. It is described as the speed of your connection and expressed in Mbps and Gbps. 

There are different types of server hosting and the common ones are metered and unmetered. There are differences between dedicated server hosting unmetered and metered and we are going to discuss them below.

A metered server has a specific bandwidth every month. Anything that goes beyond the designated bandwidth will be billed per GB.

An unmetered server does not have a specific bandwidth per month, instead, it has a specific port size. It offers many benefits such as giving the consumers the freedom to use as much bandwidth as the purchased port can handle. 

If you already have existing facilities, there are other choices too, including selecting the colocation provider. The cost of hosting a server varies depending on the option. Shared servers are the cheapest and dedicated servers the most expensive. Nonetheless, a dedicated server has its advantages and is generally an economical option compared to having your own servers. Furthermore, you get the best value your money is going to buy. Unlike other types of the server where you might be required to pay so much for services, the cheap dedicated server is cheap.

Why an unmetered server is the best choice?

  • With an unmetered server, you will be able to avoid bandwidth overage fees. You can use as much bandwidth as you can without having to worry about paying extra for bandwidth.
  • Better resource allocation is one of the reasons why more and more people are switching over to unmetered server hosting. It is helpful, especially if your site has a lot of content, traffic, and interactions. With unmetered dedicated server hosting, you will never have to worry about sudden spikes, buffering, or crashing of site. 
  • Your site will have more flexibility and freedom. Since your server hosting is unmetered, you have the freedom to use your bandwidth however you want to. It gives you the freedom to further optimize your site and use whatever software you need to increase the performance and functionality of your site. All these advantages you can get if you switch to unmetered server hosting.