Three major changes in The Sims 4 that you will enjoy


As everyone is excited for The Sims 4 to release after five years of waiting, let us check out some of the newest changes and newest features that you will experience once you are playing this renowned life simulator series that has been part of the gaming community for many decades already.

A lot of gaming reviews pointed out that there will be a lot of changes that will come with The Sims 4, and if you come to think of it that SimCity’s 2013 launch was plagued with bugs and crashes that affected The Sims 3, and you would be forgiven for being too skeptical of a brand-new version of the Sims series as it promises to bring in a lot of promises and improvements, however, do not go scouring the internet to compare the differences and changes because in this post, let us discuss some of the most noticeable and the most major changes that will be incorporated in The Sims 4 before it will be released soon this year.

So, what is new with The Sims 4? Well, it has quite a handful of changes and new features and you can check it out below or much better visit

  • New Create-A-Sim- The Game’s Create-A-Sim is what lets you create a custom character which looks like your family, even your friends or your favorite celebrities or the characters that come out from your imagination. In The Sims 4-character creation, your experience will be more tactile and more intuitive compared to its previous versions rather than just tweaking the sliders to shape your character’s facial features because The Sims 4-character creation lets you manipulate their features by directly clicking on the facial feature’s frames and faces where you can drag it up and down, side by side to edit it to your preference even the bellies of the characters can be edited to wider or even thinner, or just tug them up and down to make them appear taller or shorter according to your taste. Even the personalities can be edited too unlike The Sims 3’s character traits where you can edit it only for five traits.
  • Easier cross neighborhood travel- Compared to The Sims 3’s loading time when you travel to another neighborhood while another group leaves for a new adventure, in The Sims 4, it will be easier time for you to visit another neighborhood in just a very short loading screen away where you will be able to create regular trips without affecting your timeline and your sim can also easily commute to larger cities for work, travel or just leisure even at night.
  • Emotion affects the character even more- Expect an emotion-driven gameplay in The Sims 4 because of its new feature where the emotional state of your character will play a bigger part in the gameplay and that you will be able to understand the different moods of your character just by its facial expression which will also affect the gameplay’s social interactions that will have major implications adding more challenge in cheering up your character to succeed in daily tasks and ambitious endeavors.

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