Introducing The Rockstar Games’ Action Game Adventure


Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the hottest action-adventure game today. It is highly accepted in the world of online gaming. The video game was published by Rockstar Games. From the day it was released, the game is only available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In the next year, the game becomes available in Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Until 2015 comes, it becomes accessible and compatible for Microsoft Windows. See how the game had been updated quick? The players’ demand makes this deal easily upgraded and updated to various platforms. In fact, GTA 5 gratis downloadable game can be played on mobile devices. Right after the release of this great news, players get alarmed. Players who don’t have computers and desktops can download and install the game.

What’ on the game? 

GTA 5 has a single player mode that is played by 1 player. The main entrance of the game in the first series was challenging, it was the Grand Theft Auto 4. By the year passed by, the fictional state of San Andreas, a single player story. The story starts with 3 criminals following the main character to commit heists. It has an open-world design that let the players roam around San Andreas freely. And also, at the fictional Los Santos city. Players control the 3 lead protagonists. The single player switches between them during and outside the missions. The story of the games focused on the heist and many missions. The game involves driving and shooting gameplay. The game’s multiplayer mode can handle 30 players. They can engage in various competitive game modes and different cooperative. The single-player mode can control the 3 characters named:

  • Michael De Santa
  • Trevor Philips
  • Franklin Clinton

Some of the missions will be completed by one character. Players may switch characters on outside the missions. During the missions, the game can switch characters automatically for completing the objectives. The character can use a compass avatar according to the colors of the flash such as:

  • Red flash. It means the character is in danger and in needing help.
  • White flash. It means the character has a strategic advantage.

On a mobile platform

Players are able to play the game on their mobile. The creator of the game had decided to make changes in the game. If GTA 5 was played on desktops, PlayStation and Xbox, it is available on mobile now. A large number of GTA players show that the game becomes addictive. Many players are engaged in the game and include it on their favorite game to play. Now, it is great news for those who only have mobile phones and they can visit website. They can play GTA 5 on their mobile devices now. They can download the game and freely enjoy it.