Loads of optimised pages- Why this is not good for SEO of your website


We all know that creating a good-quality content is always significant for SEO. However, most of the marketers have not realised the fact that excessive use of content may cause a detrimental effect to the ranking of a website. Many online entrepreneurs, who try out SEO in their own way, produce bulk amount of content. And they think that it would improve their rankings in SERP report. But, you need to know that some more powerful ways are available to enhance the position of a site.

Gateway pages- Always avoid them at your website

One of the major mistakes of many content developers is that they add gateway pages to the websites. The businesses also consider that such pages may draw the web visitors from a range of places. But, Google team has decided to penalise this kind of pages. Gateway page is such a page, which is targeted at only one definite location. However, it does not contain important and informative content. So, the professionals of any reputed company, like SEO Shark, never make use of such pages. Some common examples, denoting these gateway pages include-

  • More than one domain, intended for particular cities or regions
  • Similar types of pages in the SERP

Lots of pages only for local customers

Another reason of Google’s penalisation is the presence of content of many pages, targeting a range of locations. If all those contents are not on different service and goods, your website may have the negative impact.

For optimising an online platform for various cities, you may post blog for all those sites. But, these blogs must be different to each other.

Readers need to get value from your pages-

If the online pages give an excellent value and information to the visitors, they are termed as the high-performance web pages. Perhaps, it is a blog list or some other pages of your website; however, usability is the main factor to the SEO experts. A page, full of worthless information, can never make an excellent performance. While you do not have much idea to compose SEO content, it is better to hire professional writers.

Number of web pages- How to decide on it

It is true that if you have added several web pages with short content, it cannot be beneficial for SEO. So, lots of website owners want to know about the exact number of pages to be added to their website. The simple solution is that- You should create only those pages that are enough to solve the questions of customers.

Thus, for the best result and effective tips, you may contact any professional of SEO Shark. Your website may turn out to be better while you have planned to insert two to three high-quality informative pages on a monthly. If you think that you have upgraded the status of your website up to a desired level, there is no need of creating more web pages.