HTC Nexus 9 Yet Confirmed The Arrival Of The New Tablet From Google


New information, clasped by some anonymous informants confirmed the arrival of the HTC Nexus 9 The new tablet high-end Google will be launched soon, with the arrival of autumn, and will open the door to Android L.

The Nexus 9, the next tablet that will be part of the lineup created by Google, continues to be the subject of discussions and rumors, and in fact, from what we could gather so far, it seems to be a remarkable device in many respects.

The terminal, originally known as HTC Volantis, not only ensure the continuity of one of the most popular ranges of products and popular among consumers and technology lovers, but back near the Nexus brand one of its founders.

Still there were no real confirmation about the existence and the arrival of the Nexus 9 but the Wall Street Journal puts forward some new information. According to the WSJ’s sources, some anonymous insiders, Google would have given to HTC, in fact, a reason to return to reappearance to the world of tablets.

The Taiwanese manufacturer has been responsible for the Nexus One, the founder of the range, as well as the father of enormous commercial successes such as HTC One and One M8; the lack of public response to ‘HTC Flyer in 2011 would instead convinced the company to move away from the tablet industry.

The reason behind the choice of Google would be the willingness of the company to maintain a base of partners more wide and varied as possible and avoid that one or the other manufacturer to acquire a monopoly.

From the information that has been gathered so far we have been able to understand that the Nexus 9 will be a device from the remarkable features. The tablet, among other things, will host a 9-inch display with high resolution (probably QHD) and the powerful Nvidia Tegra processor K1.

Some informants TheVerge have confirmed that the new tablet from HTC will arrive shortly although no further details were provided. In previous occasions have been proposed dates of the ‘October 8 and October 16; what seems most likely is that the device is presented along with Android L, thus becoming the vehicle of the launch of the new version of the Google operating system.

HTC Nexus 9 will perhaps presented October 16

After a long period dominated by the pervasive rumors about new devices such as the Xperia Z3, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or iPhone 6 from Apple, which will be launched less than ten days, finally came the turn of a new Nexus device to make her protagonist.

As expected, some fortune received his iPhone 6 in advance. Here’s the video that shows the time unboxing.

The name of the ‘HTC Nexus 9 or HTC Volantis as he was known by some news, it is certainly not unknown to the public attending the evolving world of electronic gadgets and mobile technology and the number of leaks that concern is increasing.

The most recent was sent by Paul O’Brien, founder of MoDaCo, citing an anonymous informant about the possible date of submission of the Nexus 9 contradicting the previous rumors. Instead of 8 October as initially proposed, the unveiling should take place on October 16, in about a month, at the same time they should come to light L and the new Android smartphone Nexus 6.

It has not been possible to see the shape of the Nexus 9 but we were able to lay eyes on one of its possible accessories; In fact, some pictures showed a bluetooth keyboard optional built by HTC itself.

According to what has been learned so far, the Nexus 9 will have a 8.9-inch display, an unusual extent for Google, with a resolution of 2048×1440 pixels, accompanied by 4GB of RAM and an 8 megapixel camera. At the heart of its technical equipment instead there will be a powerful processor Nvidia Tegra K1, which has already proven to be able to outperform the competition.