How YouTube tracks the business of buying views

How YouTube tracks the business of buying views

Many sites offer to buy thousands of views on YouTube for a few dozen Euros. A practice contrary to the rules of the platform. The penalties can go as far as the deletion of the account. Although some keywords are very competitive, close keywords, the same lexical field or even the long tail can offer many opportunities. Go to the YouTube search bar and start typing to see how You tube ends your sentence. These predictions given by the platform allow you to see what people are looking for on You tube.

On the other hand, buy you tube views remember that Google has YouTube. The search function on both platforms offers to serve the best answer to a question from a user. Adapt your content so that it responds to real questions from individuals.

How YouTube tracks the business of buying views

You tube live: the benefits

The big difference between Facebook live and You tube live is that Facebook will broadcast your video live to your community, that in the next 24 hours your fans will see the video in replay in their news feeds. However, this broadcast on Facebook Live will probably not have much value 2 or 3 weeks later. It’s more real-time content.

YouTube, on the other hand, is a content library, so a replay of a YouTube Live video can also be ranked in the search. You can make a live video by explaining step by step how to set up one of your products. Then, when the live video is gone, those who will see the video in replay will have the impression of watching a webinar published on You tube.

Then, when you post the video on YouTube, place the keyword (or key phrase) in your title, description, and tags, and add related tags.

Finally, the idea is to bring people strolling elsewhere on the web to YouTube. YouTube enjoys seeing your content attract new sessions and new traffic from other social networks .

Note that the first 24 hours count especially for your video, and then the next 7 days. Then the ranking of your video will be pretty much fixed, at least for the immediate future.

Throughout the search, production, and publishing process of your videos, make sure the title, content, and tags all emphasize the same idea. Imagine having a video on how to increase productivity and plan a day more efficiently. Your product is a planner. Still, if you never say the words planning or productivity in the video, Google will find it strange. That’s why it’s good to do a lot of work on your title and keywords in advance.

Also consider creating buy you tube views “clusters” of related content that can link and promote itself directly and indirectly. When this technique is well done, your videos may appear as suggested videos and are associated with each other.

It is a matter of thinking upstream of a group of videos that can all be related in a relevant way. Then, think that a keyword = a video. This will be even more clear for the algorithm of You tube that will understand better what you are talking about.

Keep in mind that every time you respond to a comment on YouTube, your answer counts. So, if you have 50 comments and answer all, you get 100 comments … If your competitor only has 50 comments (and gets the same metrics as you on the rest), your video will be ahead of his.