A Quick Guide to the Best Tips and Tricks of Football Manager 2019


There is a lot of big-time news revolving around the football world, starting from Ronaldo moving to Juventus to the Chelsea team being bought by Pulisic on to be loaned back. But no matter how huge this news hit on our TV screens, the biggest shift of the football season is the latest telecharger football manager 2019 gratuit.

Although certain changes are made from its previous version, Football Manager 2019 can still be a challenging and exciting game to have. Regardless if you’re a pro with the game or a newbie, this game will put up obstacles and oppositions that will surely put your skills to the test.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can do to achieve success in Football Manager 2019.

Select a team that you’re familiar with

Football Manager 2019 can be complicated sometimes, so it helps if you’re familiar with the players, this will allow you to play the game much easier. Beginners should pick a bigger team, but not just a big team, choose a team that has the resources and more importantly a team that you know. Picking a big team that you know means better players, better resources, and better power supplies.

However, if you’re the type of person who enjoys hardship and serious challenge then you can opt to manage a smaller team and then do the research to make it successful. It helps if you check the latest updates and some roster changes on the internet or even on TV. This will help you gain relevant information that gives you the leverage to invest.

Choose your strategy effectively

Playing Football Manager is more than just picking a team and managing it, there are tons of tactics and strategies that you can apply, and the chance of doing it effectively is endless. You can experiment with various types of formations like a 4-5-1, it is a great choice for covering the back in midfield. Although there is no exact best and superior formation, the best tactics often depend on the players available in the team. Make sure to know the strengths and weaknesses of your players, study their vision percentage and passing. This way you can utilize every possession and complete perfect gameplay that works best for your personnel and team.

However, only modify your strategy, avoid a complete overhaul as this would only confuse your player and the efficiency of your formation.

Only sign players that you need

The good thing about Football Manager Games is that you have realistic management on your budget. If you want to be successful in this game, you need to understand that overspending on particular players that you don’t need won’t help you in any way. While hoarding a lot of good players is possible, you have to remember that you also have player roles and not all players will have equal playing time, this will lead to some of your players growing unhappy with your management.

Make sure to pick the players that you only need and are properly fitted to your system. Go for younger players who have the potential to be a star, although some older players are relatively good, choosing a young star will benefit you especially in the long run.

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