How To Prepare Yourself For DIY iPhone 5S Screen Repair


Released in the year September 2013, the iPhone 5S is one of the most popular versions of iPhone series as this version first featured Apple’s finger print sensor, touch ID. Apart from thus physical difference, this phone model is pretty much similar to the earlier models of the iPhone and this also comes in a complete range of bright and bold shades. Another similarity of this iPhone model with other models is that the screens of all the devices are same and these are prone to breakage. So, if you have broken the iPhone 5S screen or it has dropped from your hand, it will need iPhone screen repair service. Apart from dealing with the broken LCD, this service can also take care of a dead or discolored LCD.

Things to consider before repairing the iPhone:

In case you don’t have any insurance or the Apple store nearby, then it is better to opt for DIY iPhone repair. Regardless of the fact whether you have repaired the iPhone 5S screen before or not, it is not that difficult. There are just a little internal difference between the iPhone 5S and the earlier versions, while it comes to repairing the screen. But you can consider it as a doable job, in case you have a little DIY background.

iPhone screen repair and screen replacement is considered to be one of the most common types of DIY repair. All you need to think while conducting the repair is that you have to replace your favorite phone’s screen with an unbroken and new one. While the early versions of the iPhone devices are completely easy to change out, but the new versions are a little different and therefore these need some special equipments to get the repair job done.

Things you will need to DIY repair the iPhone 5S screen:

Some important parts and tools are actually essential for repairing the broken screen of iPhone 5S including the replacement assembly. But before you purchase the parts and the accessories, it is important to purchase these from any authentic source that you can only expect to get genuine Apple parts. Besides, these genuine Apple parts also come with a warranty period that you will not get otherwise. Now let’s have a look at the things that you will need for the repair job: