Fuel Conversions With Magento Enterprise Design


You will be surprised to know that according to an estimate, Magento commerce has 26% market share out of the top one million sites around the world. Having said that, they mean, you name any big company that is engaged in e-commerce activities, you will by default see that it runs on Magento enterprise design. However, some believe that Magento is immensely popular among the users on account of its free community version. Whatever be the logic behind the popularity of Magento platform for website development, the fact is it’s reigning in the markets across the geographies.

Experts opine that using free community version, you can’t make money in the business. Therefore, the use of enterprise design for your business is something like putting the right resource at the right place. You also know very well that any mismatch in the performance of your website compared to your competition in the virtual space would mean a disaster for you anytime soon. The e-commerce giant eBay owns Magento since 2011 and as such, you can expect many updates here from time to time that, in essence, will improve your business performance.

The best part is that eBay is pouring money and support with a view to keeping the Magento leadership in the market. Besides, the enterprise design has a solid integration with PayPal that, in turn, assures you about the flawless online transactions wherever you are on this earth.

Key areas of Magento enterprise design:

  • ERP integration: ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. With an ERP integration with your site, things become easy to manage for you without any flaw. For instance, an ERP integration for your site will lead to a gamut of benefits like a central database that averts data duplication, user-friendly reporting, seamless integration of the stuff spread all over the site, and an integrated business process to name a few here. You will be happy to know that Magento enterprise design is compatible with ERP integration that puts your site ahead in the competition.
  • Marketplace integration: As you know that the leading e-commerce players around the world such as Amazon, Rakuten, eBay, and Shop.com use enterprise design of Magento, using the same platform for your site, you will essentially benefit from the seamless integration with those giant retailers in the worldwide market. As a matter of fact, processes like buying and selling and the payment realisation will take place without any flaw, to say the least.
  • Data management and import: Currently, if you are not using the enterprise design of Magento, you have nothing to worry since the transition will be smooth without affecting your everyday business.
  • CRM integration: It helps to optimise the performance of your site and also manages CRM (customer relationship management).

To our understanding, if you could afford to pay for the OPEX (operational expenditure), you could also pay for the enterprise design of Magento under the head of CAPEX (capital expenditure). After all, once you build up the site using Magento enterprise design, it will stay with you for life. Upgrades on it over the years will not cost a fortune for sure!