All you need to know about mobile app marketing


The launch of the mobile app not only stops when you put it on one of the different application store, but the marketing of the application is an important step that will make you reach your main objectives of the design of the mobile application, whether physical or promotional goals.

Today, technology tools enable us to market our products and projects more broadly, on the Internet, thanks to SEO search engine optimization techniques, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or ASO (App Store Optimization). Applications to make the user reach your application faster by pressing after the words related to the application field, for example if your application about health and fitness, can be written by words such as sports, exercise, diet, health … and other words related to the application activity to show your application Among the first search results

The main task of ASO is to highlight your application among the large number of applications that are published every day, as this feature has become an important tool to market your application, whether to increase the number of times to show users, or the number of downloads, or increase the overall use.

Since most business owners today tend to make an application for their companies and this is because of the ease of dealing with it, and easy access to the client through it, so the application stores have become a necessity to make the client access to your application easily.

Simply put, the idea behind “ASO” is to reach more people, have them download your app, and then become loyal customers for you.

For the adoption of “ASO” there are two important principles in this task:

Use keywords to reach more users to explore your app in a non-paid way without making direct ads.

Using the description of the application, and the rest of the elements displayed creatively makes the user loads the application once you read the strengths in the description.

The importance of keywords in the marketing of mobile applications:

Configuring and optimizing your app’s keywords on the app store is an effective way to increase your app exploration through search, by using keywords specific to your app and your work that make users interact with the app higher on different platforms.

There are many factors that make these words more useful, such as the compatibility of these words with the title of the application, its description, and other factors can be obtained through a tool to analyze these keywords to improve the search and access to the application easier.

The goal of this technology is not only to see the application but also to increase the number of downloads of the application.

Creative improvement:

By creating creative elements on your company’s app page, the task goes from simply connecting the user to the app to getting them to download the app and make it a user.

Especially those users coming from paid ads on various social media platforms.

In the end we are in front of a new technology will make a breakthrough, or has already brought a breakthrough in the world of mobile applications and make business owners have a high and great ability to deliver their applications faster to the user and get a greater spread, and the number of downloads of the application higher than before.

Like any new technological feature, ASO or application configuration in the app store needs to be handled by professionals to help you reach users through their expertise in this area that ensures your app has a wider reach.


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