What Could Go Wrong with a Smartphone


We have all become utterly dependent on these extremely versatile devices called smartphones. Smart is a very apt adjective to describe a hand held device, as it can do just about anything, and you can even give it audible instructions. Despite the fact that they so useful and contain all our critical data, we still treat them as they are replaceable, and consequently, things can go terribly wrong. Of course, once this happens, it is the end of the world, and all energy is focused upon speedy repairs, and if you have yet to experience the trauma of a broken smartphone, here are just a few things that can, and do, go wrong.

  • Broken Screen – Perhaps this is the number one repair, and we all know how easy it is to lose grip, especially with the latest, slim models. There are soft cases that will cushion the impact, irrespective of where the device makes contact with the ground, but even that wouldn’t withstand the weight of a person. If, for example, a busy commuter were looking for mobile phone screen repairs in Hendon, there is an efficient device repair centre that can replace the screen while you wait.
  • Extreme Temperatures – Both extreme heat and cold will kill your device, so don’t leave your phone in the car during the hot summer days, not even for a few minutes, The delicate electronics are not designed to operate outside of a specific temperature range, although it is said that Android devices deal with the cold a little better than their IOS cousins.
  • Malware – Malicious code is not restricted to PCs, and with a mobile device, your location is known, and is it just as possible to be the victim of a cyber-attack, which could render your data corrupt. For this reason, be very careful about installing apps, and only download them from certified servers, as it is very easy to hide malware inside an app.
  • Careless Charging – The micro-USB connector can only work one way, and we usually get it right half of the time, although there is a symbol on the charging cable, to signal the right side facing upwards. This connector is very delicate and if you try to force the issue, the connector will warp a little, and without recharging, the device will soon die. There are reliable device repair centres in most inner city locations in the UK, and they could replace the connector while you wait.
  • Water – The most obvious, and also perhaps the most common of device failures is exposure to water, or any liquid for that matter. Dropping your phone into your gin and tonic isn’t going to do it any good, and it had been done. Even if the device is in your pocket, if you are out in a torrential downpour, it could affect the device, as it doesn’t take much moisture to cause a system failure.

If you take good care of your smartphone, it should last a good few years, but if ever you have a problem, it is nice to know there are reliable repair centres in most cities.