Video Marketing: The Best Channels for Online Publication and Dissemination Online

Video Marketing

Advertising is increasingly using video marketing. What are the best channels for publishing and broadcasting videos?

Video marketing is a very successful marketing model. Of all the content that can be published online surely the videos are those of greater grip on the users of the web. For this reason, most analysts consider them indispensable in any truly effective online communication plan.

The moving images have always been the soul of advertising, its strong point, and its playful or exciting character, in any case engaging. Just the famous television program, which, thanks to Ad Film Production Houses In Dubai has succeeded in making the advertising enjoyable, so much so that it has become a regular event for children and entire families, who meet every night in front of the TV for this show.

The videos have never ceased to have much appeal. And even today in the age of web marketing, this type of content can have a great impact and convey advertising in a pleasant, enjoyable and therefore also effective way. It must be said, however, that while it is essential to include videos in a digital marketing plan today, it is equally essential to create a truly effective and structured online marketing strategy. A single well-made video is just an oasis in the desert if corporate communication is not solid and well designed as a whole. To get tips on how to build a truly effective and profitable online marketing strategy for your business, contact us: our expertise will help your company make the most of the opportunities offered by the internet universe.

Among these opportunities there is also the existence of extremely valid online channels precisely to give maximum visibility to the published videos. Here are the main ones and those that absolutely must be used.

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Social media

Social media is undoubtedly one of the preferred channels for video transmission. This is because a simpler vitalization of the content has been noticed if the distribution channel is a social platform. In fact, within these contexts it is sufficient to create a fan community to ensure that video advertising spreads by itself. Often if the content is of value, paid sponsorships are not needed; the staff is enough to push the video to the maximum diffusion.


Another important channel for the online distribution of videos is the electronic mailbox. Emails can in fact be built in many ways. They can only be textual, they can have attractive graphics, they can contain images or they can also present exclusive videos, thinking about the leads that will receive emails. The return on investment for this channel compared to video production is around 20%. The mailing list contacts will receive valuable content as part of an effective lead nurturing to increase conversions.


The corporate blog is often thought of as a web space dedicated almost exclusively to texts with some outline images. On the contrary, the blog can be an excellent vehicle for broadcasting a video. Describing the context in which the video was made, adding insights and detailed references to what is presented in a direct and emotional way in a video means bringing the entire corporate blog to a higher quality level. Users will find the published content much more interesting and stimulating and this will induce them to follow their updates more willingly and with greater diligence. The effect on customer brand loyalty is assured!

Nowadays, users are used to advertising and have learned to become indifferent to sterile, banal and repetitive advertising that immediately stinks of commercials. I am looking for authenticity, empathy, involvement. Among the different contents, the video is certainly the one with the greatest emotional impact, which succeeds in the flow of images to humanize the company, to give it back a sincere face.

When a user has to make a purchase, one of the parameters guiding the choice of a company rather than another is the level of engagement. More and more, today’s buyers are buying from brands that feel close, with whom they feel they have established a relationship that is increasingly personal. It can be common values, a shared style, the feeling of being part of a world to which both company and consumer belong. The videos have the power to stimulate emotions to the maximum and therefore manage to create a great empathy between the company and its public. By choosing the right channels you can reach the current and potential customers of a company with the maximum degree of involvement, precisely by exploiting the strength of video communication.