The Right Investor’s Solution-NASDAQ TotalView


The NASDAQ TotalView is a solution for so many problems that beginner traders face. A  clean and uni-directional path to success to earn profits in your trade. Provides 20 levels in depth market at the least possible cost. Nasdaq is one of the oldest stock market exchanges. The first exchange index became electronic. Nasdaq has always kept up with the changes and time to time updation in the technology and market solution.

Greater insights

It provides a solution to newer problems, which arouse with recent activities. These days trading is a hyper fashion. Newer traders are coming to market with an expectation to earn. In this case, they need proper guidance and back support to know more about the funds and maintain a healthy portfolio. Every moment portfolio analysis and results of P&L statements

Transparent view

TotalView provides a transparent view of its customers. Their customers are various AMCs, individual retail investors. Two customers are of equally different estimations and report expectations. NASDAQ is handling both of them very well. Nasdaq, one of the largest indices in the global market.

Cloud API

It provides a cloud API system; users can log in from any system or device with their username and password. System security and comfort are added up to a higher level. Customer response time is also decreased with the recent changes.

Direct data feed

Every second, NASDAQ TotalView is updating to the recent changes. Changes are difficult to bear and update, but totalview took changes as a habit, provided better solutions to the problem in the ever-changing scenario. Every change in the market will be directly reflected in your portfolio, of those changes matters to you, unimportant interruptions are kept away so that it can facilitate its user’s smooth trading experience.

Exploring among various stocks and creating a perfect watchlist

Exploring thousands of stocks and studying in detail can be a filthy process fir a trader. Still, in total viewers, with the help of, many filters you can explore stocks of particular P/E, P/B, LTP, and more search filters are available.

Financial indicator

Always up to mark, this policy is in their behavior. They keep moving with every change or reformation in the market. No matter how bad it is, that change or it is about to a market crash. They provide predictive and past financial indicators, which provide you the market movement to help with the change of every LTP. TotalView will exhibit the change in the index caused by the change in the interplay in the prices.

Global fundraising service

Nasdaq is one of the largest indices, more than thousands of companies are listed. Many foreign companies for the need of capital, get themselves listed on Nasdaq. So Nasdaq also acts as a global fundraiser platform.  You can do stock trading from day trading.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.