Perfect vlogging with idolcam


People using words to express themselves are becoming more expressive through the use of visuals. These visuals are both stationary and in the form of videos. Blogging is a form of writing that has become really popular in last few years. It gives an ample opportunity to the writers to express their personal ideas in a comprehensive. The simple text has a limited fascination for the readers. A blog with attractive visuals is read more than the blogs merely consisting of words.

This love for visuals has encouraged a new form of blogging that mainly relies on the pictures, videos, and visuals of every kind. These visual blogs are known as Vlogs. A Vlog not just requires perfect visuals, but it actually requires the perfect visuals. The growing trend of Vlogging has fascinated many people to join the world of Vlogs. The more impressive pictures they create, the more their Vlogs are visited on various online sources.

The Vloggers are looking for the best devices for their Vlogs. This desire of getting the perfect has encouraged a number of camera manufacturing companies to upgrade their cameras according to the requirements of the Vloggers at all levels of professionalism. Not every camera fulfills the requirements of the Vlogging cameras. The camera competition has given rise to several Vlog cameras that are being used by the Vloggers globally. One such name that is making way into the world of the Vlogging is that of Idolcam. It is expected that the Vloggers will be enjoying it through the Kickstarter Campaign.

Idol came come with a high resolution of 4K/30fps. It is known for a shameless photography experience as it is fitted with an integrated 3-Axis motorized gimbal. It is a kind of spring-loaded suspension that helps in clicking and capturing even when in motion. The wIfI accessibility allows reaching your camera at a distance. If you are 100 feet away from the gadget use your Android or IOS to tilt, turn and operate the camera.

 The user gets a great chance to improve or change the quality of the lectures by switching between the two different lenses being magnetically attached M12 format lenses and the optional magnetic lighting attachments. The latter is used for an overall lighting effect while the former is used as a spotlight. If you are a selfie freak, try the threaded hole at the bottom of the camera. It helps in mounting it on the selfie stick. It also comes with the 3.5 mm audio input that helps in attaching the external mic also.

The intended buyers can reach for the Kickstarter campaign in the final days of the month of March. The basic setup is possible in US$350. If all the early steps are successful, the buyers will be able to get these camera shipped in October.