Lazer Helmet That Communicates With The Tablet To Give Cardiac Parameters


Even a helmet can converse with a tablet or smartphone, providing useful information about the health of the wearer.

Technology and Health – The helmet Lazer Genesis Lifebeam, marketed by iPerGO, captures data on the conditions of the wearer in mind, offering the ability to read the time on mobile devices: tablets and smartphones.

The model is directed to lovers of cycling and has, in the front, with a sensor to monitor your heart rate. This element transmits the extent applicable to a processing unit, which makes the data accessible on inseparable device of our daily lives.

It is an interesting solution for those who love the ‘outdoor activities, marrying the protective function of the helmet to his skills hi-tech, geared to meet a need very experienced in the contemporary era: to keep under control and assess appropriate strategies to improve their performance and fitness staff.

Helmet Lazer Genesis Lifebeam does not need band toric to measure your heart rate: this makes it more convenient to use. I hope that the parameters thus obtained are accurate, but I avoid to say too much, not having elements of verification. They are usually brought to trust, until proven otherwise. Again I have no reason to doubt its goodness.

The weight is 285 grams, then reasonable need of comfort. Even the issue of ventilation has received adequate treatment. Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart) ANT +, is offered at a price of 249 Euros.