HD Set Top Box Vs SD Set Top Box: Which One Should You Choose?

SD Set Top Box

We live in the age of set top boxes and smart TV boxes. These compact and powerful machines allow us to watch and record our favourite shows and movies from the comfort of our homes. It must also be noted that in today’s day and age, two kinds of set top boxes exist. One allows you to view your favourite content on TV in a standard definition (SD) format, while the other variant permits you to watch the same in a High Definition (HD) format. So, what are HD and SD set top boxes anyway? And which one should you go for? To find out, keep reading.

A Standard Definition (SD) Set Top Box, or an SD Set Top Box, allows you to see your beloved shows and movies with the kind of picture quality which has been the norm for decades now. An HD set top box, just like its SD counterpart, transmits television signals through your own personalised TV dish and then sends it to your television so that you can see your content. Except, HD set top boxes allow you to view the same with a much clearer and sharper picture quality. Additionally, HD set top boxes also allow you to record and save your shows on its on-board memory so that you can watch it later.

However, there is yet another variant of an HD set top box. It is also known as the smart TV box. As the name suggests, this particular device essentially turns your television into an Android-powered streaming device. This means that if you have a smart TV box attached to your device, you will be able to stream your favourite shows, movies and comedy specials on demand on your television. Note that in order to be able to make use of a smart TV box, you will need a superfast internet connection, which is also something that the likes of Airtel provides.

You must keep in mind that in order to be able to use an HD set top box or a smart TV box, you will need an HDMI-equipped HDTV.

Which one is the right set top box for you?

If you are wondering which is the right set top box for you, it entirely depends on the type of television you are buying it for. If you have a traditional TV which does not have an HDMI port, you should consider a SD set top box. If you have a HDTV that comes with an HDMI input, it goes without saying that the HD set top box is the right option for you. If your HDTV has an HDMI port, along with a superfast and reliable internet connection, we would recommend that you should go for a smart tv box instead. An example of an HD set top box or a smart TV box is Airtel HD set top box and an Airtel Xstream box, respectively.

If you are considering picking up an SD, HD or a Smart TV box, why not give Airtel a try while you are at it? Take a look at their DTH offerings right away!