Download Vidmate 2018 and Enjoy Videos from All Over the World


What is Vidmate 2018?

If you are looking forward to downloading videos and movies in your smartphone, then Vidmate is the ultimate option for you. The latest version of Vidmate, that is Vidmate apk Download 2018 is the ultimate tool to gather and download all the possible media types you prefer. It not only helps to download videos but also supports the instant downloading of movies and music as well. Where else would you get such a multipurpose tool? The answer is nowhere.

What are the best features of Vidmate 2018?

Vidmate 2018 allows downloading of videos, music as well as movies from more than 1000 websites such as YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook and much more. So, while downloading a video from your favourite website, you do not need to worry whether the video downloading will be supported or not. Vidmate also supports unlimited downloads from every website it supports, apart from this, if you download an audio file in mp3 format, it can be converted to mp4 format as well. This is one of the top features supported by Vidmate. One additional benefit is that whatever videos you download, you will get them in good quality as Vidmate 2018 ensures absolutely no distortion of video qualities.

It is also well-known that the downloading process is also very simple and usually faster than other video downloading apps. When you enter the Vidmate 2018, you will be able to see a couple of website icons which are supported by this app.  You can navigate across the various websites to find the media which you would like to download. After you have selected the media item which you would like to download, it is time for you to press the download button, and the downloading starts immediately in the background. While the downloading is going on, you can perform your other tasks as well. So, this shows how user-friendly and simple this downloading process is.

What else could you expect?

With Vidmate 2018, there is no need to download an additional third-party app to convert the format of the media. Vidmate allows seamless converting of mp3 to mp4 as well as other formats. Moreover, there are good quality video downloads which are not present in all the media downloading apps. Unfortunately, you would not be able to cut or trim the videos or movies that you have downloaded with Vidmate, as this feature is currently not available. However, with the other shinier features available, this rather gets overshadowed.

So, what are you waiting for? It is high time you should go and download Vidmate 2018 either in your smartphone or PC. This app works in both ways without any hassle. So, this is time for you to explore this wonderful app and download a huge bulk of videos from any website you wish. If you have a good and stable internet connection, then there will not be an issue with the downloading speed also.