Have you downloaded 9apps on your Smartphone?


If already a user of 9Apps distribution platform, you already are aware of the reasons to download it on your Smartphone but if you are hesitant and have any questions on your mind; keep reading further.

Give a brief description of 9Apps?

9apps for Android devices is a globally popular app store which enables its users to access a wide range of apps and games in a simpler and faster way. The app supports mobile web, Android apps and also the PC version. The daily apps downloads and active users are increasing as it provides better downloading speed and also supports up to 7 languages.

Is the 9apps for Android phone free to use or is there any hidden catch?

The app is free to download and use. There are no hidden costs to further download other apps and games from the store; moreover, it is completely safe for your smart phones. There are no prices and the only thing you require is little space on your android phone. So here’s a chance to use as many apps and games you desire with the help of 9apps, all you need to do is download or install.

Why do you advise to download 9Apps?

It works like a one-stop service which will make downloads quicker and excellent quality of applications is accessible. To answer your question we have listed the benefits of 9Apps which will provide you a fairer idea.

  • Single click download and Quicker updates

One can get the apps by just clicking the desired app instead of running through different apps individually. The most appreciated benefit is the faster download of these apps along with updates for applications being introduced prior to any other store. Thus making your application management faster and straightforward

  • A vast range of applications

9apps for Android phones has a huge library of applications and these can be downloaded by the users promptly. More than 10 million applications are available in this platform as such users can find almost any application they fancy

  • Comparison of apps and games

As already mentioned about the enormous library of the store; the added advantage for the user is that one can explore more and more content and compare it with simultaneous apps and games. Finally, it is the choice of the user to compare and make sure what one desires

  • Offers like coupons, rebates

9Apps team understands the modern online consumers and as such you regularly find offers like free coupons to the users, rebates to the online purchasers. You will be guided to a various web-based business destination and these offers will help you have deductions on a variety of orders

What are the minimum requirements to download 9apps for Android?

If you are looking to download this handy app store and are confused about the space it might consume or whether your Smartphone is compatible or not; here’s your solution.

– App Size- 3.2 MB

-Latest version-

9apps for Android Minimum Requirement- Android 2.3 and above

-App Name- 9Apps (app 2019)