Why do Developers Prefer using Kotlin for Android Development


When it comes to mobile app development for Android, the first thing that comes to your mind is Java. Just because Java has been around for decades doesn’t mean that you should only stick to this language.

In 2017, Google launched Kotlin, a powerful programming language for developers. But why should you switch to Kotlin, when you are already comfortable with Java? Here are four reasons why you should become a part of the Kotlin camp:

Compatible with Java

One of the biggest advantages of Kotlin is its compatibility with Java. Due to its interoperability, you can use the existing libraries and frameworks in Java in all your new projects in Kotlin. As a result, you won’t have to spend hours or weeks changing the entire codebase, to ensure compatibility. It also allows you to use all the new features of Kotlin, without starting the project from scratch.

Learning is easy

Whether you are new to mobile app development or a veteran in this industry, you know that it tends to be challenging to learn a new programming language. However, as Kotlin is quite modern, it isn’t as complex as Java. Due to its simplicity, the time taken to learn all the important aspects of this code is short.

Lesser amounts of code

Every developer embraces programming languages which reduce the amount of code. After all, you don’t want to spend going through pages of code, to find out that the cause for a bug was due to a small mistake.

As Kotlin is newer, the amount of code you need to develop an app is quite small. It reduces the size of the files and makes it easier to go through them. Due to the concise and crisp nature of the code, it has a positive impact on readability. Also, it becomes straightforward to maintain the code for your app and make the necessary changes, when required.

Secure and versatile

Thanks to NullPointExceptions, you will be grateful to Kotlin. It makes your life easier, by decreasing the amount of errors. It has an efficient compiler which will point you in the right direction. In Java, you will find the errors in your code, during runtime. However, Kotlin has the edge over this code, as you can detect bugs during compile time. It also continues to perform checks, decreasing the number of runtime errors and bugs.

These are the four reasons why developers prefer using Kotlin for Android development!