Quizistan Quiz Game Helps Students to Improve General Knowledge


All work and no play makes a person dull. Students of every age like to play games on their cell phones for their recreation. It is said that in order to be good in basic general knowledge, students should read the newspaper. But, in today’s world of technology and a busy schedule, there is no time left to sit and read the newspaper daily. So, why not to learn and play at the same time with the help of online GK quizzes. Trivia games based on general knowledge makes it more interesting to learn and be updated with the latest general knowledge facts and questions. You can play and learn from anywhere without putting in extra time for it.

Students can also play many other quizzes on various topics of their choice other than general knowledge on the Quizistan app. Hist. & Geo, Maths, Cricket, Music, Science, etc. topics are there to be played and improve knowledge in these areas also. Students can also play new quizzes like Eldest Youngest and Who Am I to make it more interesting to learn about famous and known personalities with the help of the trivia games. Students who love to watch movies and enjoy funny dialogues of the movie actors will find Bollywood and Bollywood Dialogues quizzes very much interesting to play on the app. The app is a reservoir of all types of Quiz Games.

Even the elder people can play the trivia quizzes on the Quizistan app along with the students in their free time. People can opt for English or Hindi language on the app at the time of signing up. This gives them the flexibility to choose their preferred language to play and enjoy the games. The app can be installed free of cost from its website by both IOS and Android users. You can register for the quizzes of your choice in advance and you will be getting the notifications before the quiz starts. It costs a very minimum amount in order to register for the quiz that goes maximum up to 25 rupees only. A lot of quizzes are available on the app that can be registered to play in just 5 rupees.

Latest GK Questions for Students are delivered through live quizzes on the Quizistan app and students have the chance to win good prize money by winning the live trivia quizzes. You can ear 50-50 lifeline by referring the app to your friends and family. With each referral, you will get one lifeline. This lifeline can be used later while playing the quiz on the app. This will add up to your chance of winning the prize money. In each quiz on the app, you will be asked eight questions that comes with 4 different options. You need to answer each question in 10 seconds. After that, the correct answer to each question will be revealed. This will update your knowledge even if you have guessed the wrong answer.

So keep learning and enjoy winning Quizistan!