Do Smartphone Cases Or Covers Really Protect Your Phone From Damage

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Smartphone!! An exceptional invention that has made the world go round. Everything ranging from basic survival needs to the complex tasks can be performed with the help of these smartphones. As of now, without these marvelous smartphones life becomes hepatic after all why would you go to a shopping mall in the hot summer if you can order directly to the home in a couple of seconds? You can check your email, social media or even your bank account, making phone calls while on the go with these smartphones. However, no matter how much helpful these devices are but the panic of its malfunction affects everyone’s life. To make things go right with these devices we all take a tremendous amount of care to not let it destroyed in any way, but to be honest, we can’t always protect the phone as to err is human.

As you probably see most people always buy a protective cover or cases along with the phones, although some people like it and some not. But do smartphone cases and covers really protect your phone from damage?

To be honest, no single case or cover can guarantee 100% protection of your smartphone, but yeah they protect to a degree. A smartphone can get damaged by a number of ways like falling from a height, water damage, screen scratches, internal damage, etc. The most susceptible parts of any of these inventions are the edges and corners, whenever it falls from a height if it strikes from the edges it’ll start damages compared to the position when it strikes with the flat position. A fall may sometimes not cause damage to the exterior but may shock the internal components. Dropping phones may result in camera lens to get broken. Similarly, its display gets scratches with the day to day rubbing with different objects. With these difficulties, people come up with a new solution like cases or covers and screen guards. Having cases or covers will protect your device from edges and corners not only that, but it’ll also help you to have a strong grip over your sleek phone. Using cases or covers also hides the fault in your old phone by giving it a new look. Similarly, you can use a screen protector to safeguard your display from the external sources. To protect your smartphone from damages you need to be smart about how you use your phone.

Nowadays many manufacturers started to offer an extended warranty with a couple of bucks, but remember these extended warranty doesn’t cover the theft, breakage, etc. To get these facilities you have to apply for insurance so as to get assurance against theft, water spill, breakage, etc.

So yes smartphone cases and covers do protect your smartphone, but to get overall protection of your device you have to add screen guard and insurance. The market is full with many attractive case covers like Samsung Galaxy A50 Marble Case which will protect your phone and offer you an attractive look to match your personality without sacrificing style.