6 Benefits of Installing Network Detection and Response to Secure Your Business

Network Detection

Network Detection 1

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a network security officer is protecting your company’s data and intellectual property from cybercriminals and unauthorized users. Network detection and response (NDR) services can help identify network threats, minimize their impact and quickly prevent future attacks. Network detection and response can help you keep your data and systems secure, even in an internal or external breach. Here are ways it can benefit your business.

1. Improved Network Security Posture

Network detection and response software are critical for early network-based protection from evolving cyber-attacks. The system will detect indicators associated with an attack or misconfiguration before causing any damage saving your business hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and information assets. It’s much more cost effective than waiting for something terrible to happen and then trying to fix it.

Early detection also reduces the number of false positives by providing administrators with the evidence they need to act on the alerts they receive. Even worse, administrators may experience an overload by having so many alerts but no way of prioritizing them. An ndr system will prioritize events based on severity, allowing you more time and resources to focus on the more severe threats.

2. Increased Threat Visibility

More than 75% of all cyber-attacks result from data theft or illicit access to sensitive information. By detecting any network intrusion sooner rather than later, you’ll be able to save time and money when restoring your network infrastructure. Installing network detection and response software can help you take a step back from routine tasks to spend your time on more significant tasks that need more attention. The system alerts you if anything is malicious.

That means the program will notify you if someone is trying to hack into your system with an old vulnerability. An experienced cyber security company like Sangfor Technologies will help you improve your business’s visibility and potential control threats before they become serious problems. With these eight benefits of installing NDR, you’ll be well equipped to keep your company safe from cyber-attacks and better prepared for unknown dangers.

3. It Can Help Build a Defense-in-Depth Strategy

Network detection and response is a strategy that strives to create a defense-in-depth plan by monitoring internet-connected devices for malicious activity. In most cases, the goal is to set up a network detection and response system that detects incoming and outgoing threats. Typically, it triggers an alert when something suspicious happens. That will usually involve logging connections made on internet-enabled devices and forwarding those logs to the relevant security administrator(s).

If your business uses web applications or has an IoT device installed within its network, this type of technology from Sangfor Technologies can be invaluable. The network detection and response system will protect against phishing emails and ransomware attacks. These attacks are damaging because they infect multiple systems at once, leaving companies scrambling to figure out how to recover. However, with this system, you’ll know immediately if any malware tried to infiltrate your network, so you’ll have time to take preventative measures before things get too out of hand.

4. Uses ML and Behavioural Analytics to Detect Known and Unknown Threats

No matter the size or type of business, it’s vital to ensure your business’s networks are safe from potential threats. In today’s world, cyberattacks can happen anytime, with security experts predicting that about 40% of companies will experience a malware attack within the next 12 months. That makes having an NDR system vitally crucial for large and smaller organizations.

With this system, you’ll be able to detect not only known threats but also unknown ones. Moreover, because the network has behavioral analytics built into it – which means it learns as you use it – your detection capabilities will only improve over time. Reputable network security service providers like Sangfor Technologies offer a variety of packages, including cloud-based solutions for affordable yet comprehensive protection.

5. Provides a Holistic View of Your Company’s Security Network

Network detection and response technology enable a business to monitor its network for signs of suspicious activity. For example, the system might log who accessed a website and when they accessed it, or it might be able to tell you that one user logs on from six different places at the same time. Ultimately, this software helps keep your company’s networks safe by keeping track of potential security risks that could present themselves, like malware or hackers.

It can also alert you to unusual activity and inform you about recent malware updates so that you can update your defenses accordingly. A key benefit of NDR is that it provides a holistic view of your network for insights into suspicious activity instead of just giving information about specific events as they happen.

6. Can Help Adjust to RapidChange and Respond Immediately

Network detection and response is software that detects any vulnerabilities or changes in your network environment. It creates a fingerprint for the local state. If something changes on your network, like turning off a switch, you will know about it before it becomes an issue. The result is an ability to adjust to rapid change and respond immediately.

One example where a network detection and response can be beneficial is if there’s a power outage in your area. NDR could detect the outage and automatically shut down machines that might not have been able to save their data when they lost power. In addition, many industries use network detection and response tools to protect against cyberattacks because they create logs showing who was on your network at what time. These logs are helpful as evidence should something go wrong later.


NDR is a good solution for any business as it helps you be more proactive with your security. That can help cut down on your business’s time cleaning up a cyber-attack, losing money, or making up for production. It does this by constantly scanning networks to find out what is happening. However, hiring an experienced cyber security company like Sangfor Technologies will provide you with a tool with powerful features that will help detect all vulnerabilities without interfering with the network – meaning no false positives!